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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apologizing From the Hip

Apologizing from the Hip
The Obama Administration’s first reaction to the news of the death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and the attack on the Libyan consulate and the Egyptian embassy was to apologize, condemning:
“…the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”
GOP candidate Mitt Romney rightly condemned the U.S. Egyptian statement as an unnecessary apology.  Obama attacked Romney on CBS’ 60 Minutes, saying that Romney “seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later,” and that the episode should have taught Romney a lesson about what it really means to be president.
“You have to make sure that the statements you make are backed up by the facts, and that you’ve thought through the ramifications before you make them,” our Apologizer-in-Chief brayed.
Really?  Well, the Apologizer-in-Chief should have first found out whether the video depicting Mohammed in a bad light had been posted on You-Tube before the riots broke out.  Then, he should have determined whether the protesters had even seen this little documentary.  They had not.
Being that the attacks occurred on September 11th, he should have considered whether the rioters had another motivation for attacking on that particular date.  If he had read his presidential briefing on Aug. 30, he would have learned of an Islamic extremist promise to attack on Sept. 11th in retaliation for the imprisonment of the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the mastermind of the original, 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center and other New York City landmarks, and the very likely inspiration for the more successful attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and the thwarted attack on the U.S. Capitol on 9/11.
 Islamist terrorists don’t believe in coincidences.  If Mohammed Atta’s route took him over the George Washington Bridge on 9/11/01 (friends trapped on the bridge on that morning saw and felt the plane go past) and the other pilot flew past the Statue of Liberty on his way to the South Tower, it was for a reason.  That we didn’t lose those two landmarks that morning were either acts of luck or acts of God.
Here’s another fact you should know about our First Apologist:  he’s invited the new Muslim Brotherhood president to the White House at the end of this month to discuss the release of this Blind Sheikh on the grounds that instigation isn’t enough grounds to imprison someone for life.  If those are their grounds for amnesty, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was on the same mission, will also walk free.
Neither man would walk free if I had anything to say anything about it.  I sure wish someone would ask me.  For the love of God and for the sake of all those people who died on 9/11 and those who will surely die if KSM and the Blind Sheikh walk free, ask me!  I’ve been waiting these eleven years for you to ask me. 
What are you waiting for?  What are you afraid of?


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