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Friday, June 15, 2012

Global Wind Day

Today is Global Wind Day.  Environmental extremists throughout New Jersey will be "celebrating" by flying kites at beaches along the Jersey Shore and calling for more and more of our tax dollars to be used to subsidize their crazy offshore wind pipe dreams.

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner reports that, “Diplomats at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Conference in Rio de Janeiro next week will consider proposals that would levy taxes on American families and energy industries in order to support international efforts to combat global warming, according to a draft agenda for the conference.

“We recognize that subsidies for non-renewable energy development should be eliminated and replaced with a global tax on the production of energy from non-renewable energy sources," the
the UN draft agenda, amended by non-governmental organizations at the invitation of the UN, says.
“The income of this tax should be allocated to renewable energy development."
The draft agenda was obtained by the Center for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a group
skeptical of the UN's position on global warming.

“Another proposal would spread the cost of investing in other countries throughout society.  That plan
would cost $1,325 for an American family of four, according to CFACT.”  What’s more, Obama has
signed an Executive Order instructing the United States to pay obeisance to this obscenity disguised as
largesse.  Hard-working Americans must pay for Europe’s laxity, Africa’s violence, and Asia’s
corruption, at a time when our real unemployment rate is at 15 percent.

Who’s paying for this kite-flying expedition at the Jersey Shore?  Who’s sponsoring it?  Americans for
 Prosperity is on their way to the Jersey Shore this morning to counter it, armed with signs, petitions,
and plenty of sunscreen, bless their hearts.

New Jersey has already authorized a $100 million taxpayer subsidy to install windmills off our coast.
This scheme would be a disaster for the state, raising rates and killing jobs.  The Beacon Hill Institute's
economic analysis of this wealth-redistribution, communist boondoggle showed it could cost New
Jersey as much as $4.137 billion, drive electricity rates up 4.2 percent in 2017, and result in as many as
4,440 lost jobs.

More recently, outside consultants for the State said that a proposal to complete this boondoggle would
result in “The Most Expensive Offshore Wind Power in The World.”  If implemented, the plan would
cost New Jersey:

·         A staggering $946.1 million in economic activity over 20 years;

·         Almost 30,000 jobs; and

·         $286 million in increased electricity rates.

Contact your state representative, or Gov. Christie.  Ask them to tell the U.N. to go fly a kite!


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