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Saturday, March 31, 2012

ICLEI No Longer Welcome in Passaic County

Good news for Agenda 21 fighters: The Wayne Township Council passed a resolution condemning Agenda 21 and calling for the Passaic County Freeholders to withdraw from ICLEI. At the Passaic County Freeholder’s meeting on March 27th, the freeholders formally withdrew from ICLEI.

Members of the North Jersey Regional TEA Party Agenda 21 Review group and other citizens had made multiple presentations at recent Freeholder meetings, urging the County to end its membership in an unnecessary organization whose mission is to implement the U.N.’s Agenda 21.

While we commend the common sense actions of these public officials, it’s not time to ring the Liberty Bell just yet. Being out of ICELI does not mean that any town, county or state is safe from Agenda 21’s radical mission. ICLEI will continue to press forward as Agenda 21’s implementation arm.

Already, they’ve reinvented their community organizing name from Smart Growth to Business Investment Development (BID), taking advantage of struggling small business owners to transform towns into cities. Palisades Park is planning a twin, 47-tower apartment complex that will dwarf that small city and overwhelm its resources.

Any town that wants to increase its business district would do better to dispense with parking meters. It was environmentalists who urged the installation of these money-eating, business-killing contraptions. The suburbanites who moved here to escape crowds, crime, and congestion in the city were all too happy to patronize the shopping malls that opened up here with their spacious, free parking.

We sympathize with the small business owners. But they’re forgetting a basic principle - the customer is always right. If customers want to visit shops in town, then accommodate them. In Pompton Lakes, there happens to be free parking behind the stores. Make access from the parking lots to the stores easier, sell products and services the customers want, and they will come. The A&P shopping mall, right around the bend on Wanaque Avenue, is always packed and the business district is nearby, hardly a far walk for customers, especially on a nice day.

Finally, lower the taxes on the businesses (and the other property owners). Business owners tell me that’s what’s killing them. Business owners who line up with Smart Growth/Business Investment Development are being sold a bill of goods.

Wayne fought back successfully.  Pompton Lakes and other area towns are under siege as well - West Milford, Kinnelon, Bloomingdale.  We must all organize to stop this insidious attempt by the United Nations and its sub-organizations to transform the United States into the United Socialist States of America.  Talk to your neighbors about forming Property Rights Councils and coordinating your strategies.

You can do this, Northern New Jersey.  You must.


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