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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nu-Nu Agers

Earlier this week, I received an order of books from The subject of all the books was climate change; global warming, wind farm scams, and so forth. Also inside the box was a nu-nu - a baby’s pacifier, teething ring. I couldn’t imagine what this thing was doing in my order. There was no mistake on my part. I don’t have kids, of any age.

I scanned the invoice; nope, no RazBbaby silicone teething ring. Given that the books were all about climate change and nearly all countering the environmental consensus, I gathered this was a message from whoever packed the order; some college student, no doubt, or perhaps a union worker (or both).

The first chance I got, which was yesterday, I walked over to the post office to return the item. It was well worth the two dollars to tell Amazon that their puerile employee needed the nu-nu more than I did.

The letter was addressed to the Returns Center in Lexington, Ky.

“To Whom It May Concern:

“I received, with my order of books on climate change, the enclosed RazBaby Raz-Berry silicone teether. This item was not part of my order and as I do not keep things for which I did order or pay, I am hereby returning it to you.

“I don’t know whether the item was placed in my shipment accidentally or deliberately, as the books I ordered are considered politically controversial. Heretofore, I’ve always been satisfied with Amazon’s selections, prices, and service. I will assume this was a personal error on the part of the employee and not company policy. Therefore, I will not hold it against

“However, I suggest you give this pacifier to the individual who packed my shipment; clearly, they need it more than I do.

Sincerely, etc., etc."

The packer would have been welcome to crack open any one of the books I ordered if would have helped educate them on the false science which they have imbibed like Kool-Aid. For instance, Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths: How the Environmental Movement Uses False Science to Scare Us to Death.

Published by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and edited by Ronald Bailey, it's a compendium of facts a myth-busting on climate change. Bailey is a science correspondent for Reason magazine and writes a weekly online column dealing with science and technology policy for their online publication. He’s produced several weekly national public television series including Think Tank. He was a staff writer for Forbes and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Smithsonian, National Review, Forbes, and Reader’s Digest. He’s a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and the American Society for Bioetics and Humanities.

He gathered a group of notable experts to contribute their knowledge on various topics, including Dr. Norman E. Borlaugh who won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for launching the “Green Revolution” that dramatically raised agricultural productivity and saved millions from famine. Borlaugh has been at work much longer than the eco-activists; he was awarded his doctorate in plant pathology from the University of Minnesota in 1942.

Bailey opens the introduction of the book by quoting Christopher Flavin, now head of the Worldwatch Institute when he spoke at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Flavin noted that “with socialism in disrepute, environmentalism is now the ‘most powerful ideal today.”

“The ideological environmentalism,” Bailey writes, “that Flavin talks about is far different from the pragmatic, everyday kind of environmentalism that most of us favor; for example, being thrifty with resources, lowering and air and water pollutants, and conserving wildlife. Ideological environmentalism embodies a sweeping agenda aimed at radically transforming how we live and work.

“But there is a hidden crisis growing in the heart of ideological environmentalism,” Bailey continues. “Key predictions made by environmentalist ideologues about the future state of the Earth and humanity are simply not coming true.”

Perhaps this would have been too much reading for our juvenilized, brainwashed packer. The inside jacket cover gives the reader some idea of what’s between the covers without having to strain the brain:

“Myth: Antarctica is melting due to global warming - threatening to raise ocean levels.
Fact: Antarctica has been cooling - and its glaciers thickening - for the past 30 years.”

Or how about this?

“Myth: The global population is growing faster than our ability to produce food.
Fact: Global fertility rates are falling dramatically, and with advanced technology, farmers are producing more food using fewer resources than ever before.”

There’s also this one, on the back cover jacket:
"Myth: Solar- and wind-powered generators are a renewable, efficient, and less intrusive alternative to gas-, oil-, and coal-burning generators.
Fact: Global fossil fuel supplies are in no near-term danger of being depleted, and a single 555-megawatt natural gas power plant produces more electricity than 13,000 windmills.


“Myth: Modern pesticides and federalizes are increasing the rates of cancer in humans.

Fact: No study has ever shown that anyone has developed cancer from the legal application of pesticides, and environmental pollution accounts for, at most, 2 percent of all cancer cases versus 30 percent associated with tobacco use.”

The eco-activists have already done their little spin on Myth No. 2. They acknowledge that populations are decreasing, much delight, and that we produce too much food and we should cease sending donations to farmers in Africa because they can’t compete with America’s free food.

There are concerns about pesticides leeching from golf courses into Chesapeake Bay, killing off all the oysters, or at least depleting their population. How much of this depletion is due to poisoning at how is due to over-harvesting of oysters is hard to say. But depend upon it; either way, humans are to blame. We’re evil dudes that should be locked into communes where our activities can be strictly controlled.

That’s what the eco-activist agenda is really all about - controlling us by controlling the planet. The Amazon packer would have all of us sucking our pacifiers to belittle us and pacify us as we are robbed of our freedom, as though we were simply babies having our nu-nus taken away from us.

Here’s a message for the packer: We’re going to fight you eco-activists right down to the last inch of land and we will prevail. We will live in freedom. If you don’t like it, take your pacifier back and suck it up.


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