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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boycott the Boycott

When the editor of Berlin’s largest newspaper printed, in 1932 or so, that Hitler intended to exterminate the Jews, the Brown Shirts came to his house in the middle of the night, dragged the editor and his wife into the street and beat them to death.  This was the penalty for telling the truth in German of 1932.  Even though Hitler had said so himself in secret meetings, he didn’t want the German populace to know it – not yet.

At that same time, many German Jews left the country forever, including Albert Einstein.  The refugees came to America.

Where will those who speak the truth flee should America fall?  When you hear that Media Matters, under the guise of Stop Rush@stoprush, are organizing a blackmail campaign against radio host Rush Limbaugh, you must know that the Brown Shirts can’t be far behind.  In fact, in the case of Trayvon Martin, the thugs were standing right behind their leaders, vowing vengeance for a crime that has yet to be solved.  They’ve warned that the crime had better be solved in favor of Martin or blood will be spilt.

Media Matters is urging companies big and small (big, as in Coca Cola, for instance) to remove their advertising from Rush’s program.  Rush brushes it off, saying that it’s no problem.  No sense in giving Media Matters even more publicity.  That’s one way of looking at it.  They use a most unscientific, but very effective approach in targeting these advertisers.  ‘Just listen to what he says,’ they urge the companies.  They want the companies to listen to Rush with biased ears, with no facts, no perspective (other than that of liberal Media Matters), and no tolerance.

What do you do with a baby throwing a temper tantrum?  In the old days, you’d haul the kid out of the store (and make his bottom sore).  Today, parents don’t dare discipline their children.  In fact, they negotiate with them.  With a country polarized, companies fear for half their advertising dollars, figuring the silent half are too polite to boycott.

If MM can target Rush – they’ve already pushed Glenn Beck into his own realm, where happily, he’s thriving – they can target anyone.  Most companies had already established a no-advertising on (right-wing) political programs.  They’ll happily advertise on CNN, but not Fox.  They’ll tout their wares on Comedy Central, but not GBTV.

Contact your favorite companies and let them know you have no problem with Rush Limbaugh.  By the way, MM had begun targeting Rush (and Glenn) long before Sandra Fluke became active.  Let them know that you support the company’s right to do business and that the company should support Rush’s right to do business and to speak the truth.  Ask them if they know the last time Rush Limbaugh – or any other Conservative pundit - ever called for a boycott on their company.


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