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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Race to the GOP

The results of the Iowa Caucusii are in, with Mitt Romney winning Iowa by eight votes.  The second runner-up was Rick Santorum, who sprang up from the dead, so to speak, to statistically tie with Romney.

Romney won 30,015 votes (13 delegates); Santorum earned 30,007 votes (12 delegates).  Coming in third was Ron Paul with 22 percent of the vote, at 26,219.  Romney’s camp declared that the victory was due to their strong campaign against Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, putting Santorum right where they want him.

We Conservative Tea Partiers couldn’t help wondering what happened to Santorum early on.  He pretty much hews to the Conservative/Tea Party line.  The only worry is his stance on illegal immigration.  According to the New Hampshire Tea Party’s Candidate Matrix, Santorum is opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants, but would only deport those who had committed, and were found guilty of, a crime.  Last time we checked, being in the United States without authorization is a crime.  That’s why they’re called “illegal” immigrants or aliens.

Columnist Ann Coulter was all in a fury about Santorum’s stance on illegal immigration and his lack of executive experience (as compared to Romney).  If Santorum could clear up the illegal immigrant matter and step over this way, he’d make a suitable candidate as far as his record is concerned.  Otherwise, he’s pro-America all the way.  He didn’t support TARP, the Stimulus, or Obamacare.

There seems to be a general conspiracy among the GOP candidates.  They’ve each taken a piece of the Socialist propaganda to dangle as a carrot in front of the so-called Independents or Moderates, in order to mollify them, who in their turn, want to mollify their Liberal friends.  Gingrich is in favor of Agenda 21.  Romney, in one of many examples, is opposed to states’ rights, stating that as Massachusetts’ governor he was required by federal law to provide health
care and education to illegal immigrants.

Ron Paul is an isolationist.  Bachmann is a true Conservative but has dropped out of the race, although we hope to hear from her in the future.  Perry is still suffering from his self-inflicted gunshot wound to the foot and would have found no favor with Conservatives given his position on illegal immigration.  And Huntsman is trailing far behind.

Santorum has been criticized as a poor speaker.  This from the same critics who praise Obama’s oratorical skills.  Our Toastmasters club wishes it had a dime for every time Obama has uttered the word “uh” or “duh”.   Let us hope that Santorum will not be so dainty as to avoid attacking Obama.  An attitude is in the air that holds that “Obama is just a nice guy who’s made a lot of mistakes.”  Obama demonstrated no such leniency towards his opponents, and scrupled not to attack former Pres. Bush, who wasn’t even a candidate, and blame him for every misdeed more creditable to the Democrats than to him.

These men are not running for class president.  They’re running for the office of President of the United States.  If they don’t have the fortitude to take to task a President who’s tripled our debt, signed 40,000 pieces of new legislation in one year alone, made a shambles of foreign policy, and bowed to every foreign potentate on the planet, how can we expect any of them to stand up to foreign potentates themselves, go head to head with union thugs, stem the tide of illegal immigration which will almost certainly change the nature of our federal republic for the worse, and hold the line on spending in Congress?

Only the Media wags its finger at the notion of a slugfest, and only when Conservatives (mind you, not Republicans, but Conservatives) are throwing the punches.  It’s time to take off the kid gloves here.  We’ve let the Liberals and their propagandist announcer, the Media, keep us in the corner long enough.

The time has come to come out fighting.


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