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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas List 2011 - A Ladder

Dear Santa, this is the last item on my list of practical gifts for Christmas: I’d like a ladder. A ladder is the one gift that will actually be under my tree this Christmas, thanks to Big Brother.

The ladder is really more for my brothers, so when they need to paint or fix things in my condo unit, they can reach it. A day will come, when I’m going to need it. I’m slightly taller than most gals, but only slightly and if I live to grow to my mother’s current age, I’m sure to shrink. The longer time goes on, the less likely I am to have help doing things, so I’m going to have to do them myself and that means having a ladder.

I’d also like a ladder to remind me to never stop trying, to never give up trying to better than I am. Life should never be so easy that we stop making the attempt to reach for the next height. At work, I never wanted a promotion because it just wasn’t what I wanted to achieve. I saw no challenge in the supervisory and leadership positions; only long hours and longer headaches. God bless those who are willing to lead and supervise.

If I’m going to spend all those long hours, I want to achieve something more than a bigger paycheck and an impressive title. For some people, there’s a title and a paycheck at the top of the ladder. Personally, I’m terrified of heights.

When I get to the top of my ladder, I want to be able to look down and see that America has been fixed. That’s what ladders are for – fixing things. I want to read all the books I’ve collected (if I stacked them all up, one on top of another, I’d need a ladder to reach the top) and find out where we’ve been, how we got to this point, what some authors think the solution is, and even what the bad guys are up to, so we can head ‘em off at the pass.

We need a ladder to scale all the obstacles the Progressives have built in the path to freedom. We need to scale every one of those obstacles – intimidation, apathy, lethargy, propaganda, political correctness, censorship, corruption, and misinformation.

Americans need to be reminded that the successful, the so-called “One Percent” got where they are by climbing the ladder of success. They weren’t helicoptered to the peaks of fame and fortune. Sometimes the climb is strenuous. Most people give up. I guess that’s why only one percent of Americans make it. Not because they’re greedy or selfish, but because they persevered and worked hard.

I’ll be very glad to see that ladder under my tree on Christmas morning, Santa dear. I intend to begin climbing right away – and I won’t give up until I’ve passed that GRE!


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