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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lackluster Labor Day

Zero jobs in August.  That was the news for Labor Day, 2011:  The United States added no new jobs overall in August.  Unemployment is stagnated at 9.1 percent.  And still, Obama is spending billions and billions of dollars, taking the Spirit of America airplane into a straight-up position and stalling out the engine.  Not since February 1945 has a monthly jobs report been so dismal.  That was during World War II, however, when the war machine was in full production.  How many people really needed a job in February 1945?

The Labor Department’s monthly report showed that the number of new jobs roughly equaled the number of jobs lost.  The department also revised its June and July reports downward to 20,000 and 85,000 jobs, respectively.  The report also noted that the length of the average workweek fell by 0.1 hours to 34.2 hours, meaning job seekers are going to be hired anytime soon.

They won’t make as much either; they shouldn’t expect to in a spiraling economy.  Companies hold all the cards.  Only 64.3 percent of working Americans are actually working or looking for work.  Still, the White House cheerfully expects unemployment to drop to 8.3 percent in 2012 and by 2018, the unemployment rate will reach 5.2 percent.
This Thursday, Obama plans to put on his FDR spectacles and tell us how the sun will come out tomorrow – or at least, by 2018.  He will introduce job creation initiative that will include ideas such as an infrastructure bank and measures targeted at the long-term unemployed, in addition to new proposals.  Stock futures were down before the report's release and fell further upon the release of the jobs data.

Here’s an idea or two for Barack Hussein Roosevelt:  reduce the capital gains tax on corporations.  Hit the delete button on Obamacare and the Stimulus packages.  Cut unnecessary spending.  Every state should declare itself a Right to Work State.  2011 was an Annus Horriblus for the unions; we saw their very worst side this year, particularly in Wisconsin.  They’ve done as much to ruin our economy as the Federal Reserve Bank.  Obama stood in the middle of Paterson, the flood waters still raging behind him, trying to turn a simple fact of a flood into a political war.  Congress never said they’d cut funding to FEMA.  They said if FEMA was to be funded, other programs would have to be cut.

The best thing we can do to turn our economy around is to put Obama, the majority of Senate Democrats, the SEIU, and the Federal Reserve Bank on the unemployment line in 2012.  Better them than us.


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