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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Eye of God

Mayor Bloomberg evidently doesn’t believe in the power of prayer - or God.  According to a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday, and a follow-up report by CNN today, no clergy have been invited to the 9/11 10th Anniversary ceremony in Manhattan next month.

The clergy can commiserate with the firefighters and police officers as well as EMS responders who also are not invited to this milestone remembrance.  Plenty of politicians of all stripes will be there.  The Media will be there.  The Families will be there.  But not the brothers and sisters of the uniformed first responders who ran into those burning buildings never to return, nor those who went in themselves and somehow survived.  Certainly not the clergy, who are despised by the Media, politicians and bureaucrats, and Progressive “Family” members who believe Government is God.

They want it to be just a nice, quiet ceremony where they can hobnob in front of the cameras in peace, without the unwashed masses, the hoi polloi, trying to elbow their way in and ruin their photo opportunities with the political movers and shakers of our times.  A few non-partisan words, a few tears, then it’s off for a little brunch in a reserved room at some exclusive – and expensive (that’ll keep out the hoi polloi) – Manhattan restaurant.  Ties, if you please, gentlemen.

They feel that there’s such an unsavory quarrelsomeness over religion.  That is, after all, what brought the buildings down, so it’s only fitting that God be non-personna at this ceremony.  God is definitely on their “C” list, along with the firefighters, EMS personnel, and the general public.  Such a waste of time and energy, religion.  Government is so much more efficient.

There’s not a miracle or wrath of God that science can’t explain away.  Global changes, of course, are man-made.  The on-coming hurricane is evidence of Man’s tampering, not God’s vengeance on a city that would honor murderer Che Guavera with a statue and ban prayers at Ground Zero.  Besides, the storm has turned eastward, as they usually do.  It’s the water temperatures, not God.  Besides, He’s always said He would never do something like that.  If He’d sent Irene directly over southern New Jersey, thousands of criminals would have been endangered in New Jersey’s Burlington County, which houses – what? – 14 prisons?

That would be cutting His nose off to spite His face.  Instead, Hurricane Irene is predicted to storm her way along the coastline, where LBIers are hastily boarding up their beach houses and heading home.  Cape May is still under evacuation watch.  The Garden State Parkway and other roads’ inbound (towards the coast) lanes haven’t been reversed – yet.  New Jersey is waiting to see what Nature and God have in mind.

Someone may have said a – gasp! – prayer for all the poor hoi polloi who live on the western side of the Garden State Parkway.  They’re the working class people who service the resorts on the coast and the prisons along the southern delta.  We who pray, pray that the storm will stay out to sea.  Coastal New Jersey will still get battered pretty good – but not punished.

What Irene and God will do after that is still unknown, for all the instrumentation of science.  Right, the eye of the storm is headed for the New York City-Nassau County border.  Mayor Bloomberg should say a prayer that God didn’t read the Wall Street Journal Wednesday or CNN’s website this morning, and change His mind about sparing Manhattan the full brunt of the eye of the storm.  If He does spare the city, Bloomberg should get down on his knees and utter a prayer of thanksgiving on 9/11.


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