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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hedging Their Votes

One of the surprises for New Jersey Tea Partiers in the passage of the debt ceiling bill was that our illustrious senators, Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, both Democrats, voted against the debit ceiling bill, while the RINO rats in the House were piling on board the sinking ship.

Doesn’t make much sense.  At least, not if you think like an ordinary person.  Is it because Menendez and Lautenberg know that the entire N.J. senate and assembly are up for election this year?  Are they trying to appear more responsible than they really are?  If the Democrats are so confident that this was the right thing to do, why weren’t their New Jersey senators on board with this?

Have they finally discovered our state Tea Party’s real intentions – to educate our neighbors by arming ourselves with information and knowledge, particularly of the Progressive’s various misdeeds?  Do they realize we’re more knowledgeable about propaganda than they gave us credit for?

No one should ever underestimate the power of the Tea Parties.  Or try to guess what we’ll do next.  If you think we’re going to tell you more than what I’ve stated here, you need to return to your crystal balls.  Evidently, the pundits and politicians have a very low estimation of our intelligence and our power to influence.  We knew from the first Tea Party rally that it was going to be a difficult fight.  We’re in this for the long-haul and we’re going to do everything within our “meager” power to win, your money, bribes, powerplays, and campaign warchests notwithstanding.

You have the money; we have the truth.  Guess which one is more powerful.  We know that your power is in the weakness of the masses.  To you, the typical American is a lazy, overweight couch potato addicted to television, who spends too much money on the wrong things, doesn’t care about the past, and doesn’t want to worry about the future.  They don’t want to know about how you’re stealing them blind because they don’t think there’s anything they can do about it.

The closet conservatives and the RINO Republicans tend not to vote in great numbers.  They don’t know what’s going on, haven’t bothered to find out, even though it’s so easy with the Internet, and abdicate their rights as American citizens.

Well, the Tea Party is the rooster at their window, crowing the sleepyheads awake.  We intend to be something of a nuisance to them and you’ll urge them to shoo us away.  But we’re going to keep right on crowing until they do wake up and do something about that monstrous nuclear reactor in Washington that’s ready to explode with toxic regulations that will take centuries to decompose.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we know very well yesterday wasn’t a victory of any sort, though we did succeed in moving the bar to the right a little bit, at least.  We’re not crying in our tea, any of us.  We’re planning our next steps.  If you're in New Jersey, join me and others at Like Minds.  We'll be meeting soon to discuss strategy.  But everyone is welcome at our Like Minds Facebook page:!/pages/LikeMinds/230204393683475?sk=wall

To paraphrase John Paul Jones when told by a British captain to give it up:  “We have not yet begun to fight!”


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