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Friday, July 29, 2011

Debt-Defying Tea Partiers

Last night was a proud moment for the Tea Party movement, even though the battle is far from over concerning the debt-ceiling.  Well-done Tea Party activists, groups (a particular nod to FreedomWorks and their kin for keeping us informed), and Congressional representatives.  As soon as we heard the word about the 5:45 (EDT) vote, we were on the phone to various friends to call their representatives.

The Progressives have fired every weapon in their arsenal at us:  we’re going to destroy the country; we’re going to destroy the world; the country will be in default if we don’t compromise (read “surrender”) by Aug. 2nd; even Ronald Reagan compromised and raised the debt ceiling; Tea Partiers are hobbits in an adventure movie will go home once we’ve defeated the evil Sauron (if we’re hobbits, and the Democrats are Sauron, then certainly the RINO Republicans are the traitor Saruman or the vacillating, cowardly Denethor, steward of Gondor who refuses to fight against the overwhelming armies of Mordor).

Conservative experts assure us that any Boehner bill will inevitably become the Reid bill, totally unrecognizable once the Senator puts his imprimatur on it.  Essentially, the Democrats will have carte blanche to carry on as usual.

According to RedState, “On Tuesday, Sen. Pat Toomey offered a bill that would prioritize spending to minimize the disruption to debt service, Social Security checks and military pay in the event a debt deal isn’t reached by next week.

“There are far more than enough resources for the administration to make these payments and, frankly, many others,” said the Pennsylvania Republican. "Already, 31 senators are on board for the Full Faith and Credit Act.”

Meanwhile, it is the Democrats, not the Tea Partiers, who are giving the nation headaches, as they know well enough.  Not being informed, the general public doesn’t know what’s going on and doesn’t want to know.  They’ve become so accustomed to Progressive dictates, that they don’t believe there’s any reason to debate.  Surrender is the much easier option.

At the very end of Glenn Beck’s Original Arguments, he publishes a letter from John Jay to the citizens of New York, written in 1788.  New York was a hold-out in signing onto the U.S. Constitution.  At the end of the letter, Jay writes:

“If the people of our nation, instead of consenting to be governed by laws of their own making, and rulers of their own choosing, should let licentiousness, disorder, and confusion reign over them, the minds of men everywhere will insensibly become alienated from republican forms, and prepared to prefer and acquiesce in governments which, though less friendly to liberty, afford more peace and security.”

Everyone should read “Original Arguments” to realize just how far we have strayed from the original intent of the Founding Fathers.  If you’re a Beck-hater, then you can always read the Federalist Papers themselves.  Beck does give a handy reference guide to the Constitution and the number of the essays in the Federalist Papers which give the supporting arguments for the various articles of the Constitution.

The GOP has a real problem of division within its ranks.  Fear, intimidation, brainwashing and drugs have made a muddle of the younger generations.  They know what’s happening is wrong, but they’re afraid of fighting, of being “unpopular” or ostracized by their peers, as though they were still in the eighth grade.  Harry Reid is the proverbial schoolyard bully, lining up with his gang to make sure the weaker kids know that fighting them is pointless.  Boehner reminds me of my wimpy younger brother who had to be taught by our mother how to stand up and fight the bully beating him up as he went about his business of delivering the local newspaper.

I knew my brother.  I knew he’d give in unless someone was there to urge him on and remind him.  That is our job, Tea Partiers, to make those calls to our House representatives and senators to remind them that they must stand firm, no matter how tightly the enemies of The One close ranks, beat their Media drums, and thump their chests.  We are the younger brothers and sisters, the hobbits, dwarves, Elves, and Men (and Women – remember Eowyn) who united themselves against a common enemy.

The Wall Street Journal (of all papers), Sen. McCain, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi think we’re bothersome little gnats on the path of progress, to be contemptuously swept away by their mighty hands.  I would remind you, then, of an even older story:  David and Goliath.

The fight is not over, but the days are growing.  There are ways to pay the debt.  If I understand the experts correctly, if the House sends no ball over to the Senate for Harry to play with, since he’s already defeated one and has vowed not to pass the other, he’s telling us it’s his way or the highway.  Compromise is just handy of way of doing things their way.  Call their bluff.  Call your Congressional representatives again – they’re planning another 10 a.m. meeting in which Boehner will try to flex his House Speaker muscle and strong-arm the Tea Party/Conservative Republicans.  We may be hobbits, but with our help, our representatives will have the weight and clout to resist another cave-in to Progressive lies.


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