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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Give Speaker Boehner a Wake-Up Call

It's been reported that Speaker Boehner is calling a 9 a.m. conference tomorrow morning of all Republican House members. It is believed that a compromise on the debt limit will be presented and recommend to them. It's reported that the Speaker has been overheard saying that the more conservative members of Congress need to start compromising in order to get a deal.

It sounds like what we feared is now happening ... that when push comes to shove, the Republican leaders will buckle because they care more about re-election than doing what's needed and right for America's future. If you agree contact the Speaker's offices and let him know your position. CALL TODAY!! CALL NOW!! NO MORE DEBT!!!

Compromise? Does he mean the way George H.W. Bush compromised in 1990?

George H.W. Bush made a campaign promise of No New Taxes – that was his whole campaign platform, in fact. He famously said, “Read my lips: No New Taxes.” It was his mantra. So then he was elected. The Democrats in Congress insisted that they had to have more revenue and offered a “deal” to H.W. saying that if he would allow them a very moderate raise in taxes, they would pass the Ominbus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990.

Well, there went George’s promise to the country of no new taxes. Congress convinced him to break his no new taxes pledge to the country. Our honorable and trusted H.W. got snookered. Is this the same garden path that Boehner is being led down? Or is he leading us down that garden path filled with snakes.

History is repeating itself. George H.W. caved on his most important campaign promise because of the same henny-penny, the-sky-is-falling arguments. We’re being given the same henny penny spiel as we were given when his son caved on TARP – with Obama at the table, no less. The “experts” foretold all sorts of disasters would befall us if TARP wasn’t passed. We were on the brink of disaster, they claimed. Then there was Obama’s Stimulus Package. The economy would be in ruins if we didn’t bail out General Motors and all the other unionized companies. Where is G.M. now? Gone with the windbags.

They’ve been blowing the horn for nationalized health care for ages. If we don’t bail out Medicare, if we don’t bail out social security, if we don’t have nationalized health care, millions, particularly the elderly, will suffer.

How many times do the RINOs and the Liberals think they can go to the same well before someone stands up and says, “Enough!” We didn’t send this guy to Congress to play patti-cake with the Democrats. If he doesn’t have enough weight to plant his boots in the ground and push back against their agenda, then he’s the wrong person for the job.

The Gang of Six hasn’t come up with one sentient reason for raising the debt limit – only inane arguments that it’s not a big deal because the government can print all the money it wants. That’s some hell of a reason for bankrupting the country.

The American people are tired of the lies, broken promises, and collusion that goes on in the halls of Congress. When the alarm clock rings and the cock crows tomorrow morning, America has to wake up early and catch these worms before they raise the debt ceiling and totally ruin the country.


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