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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pundit Panic

The Conservative pundits are in a panic this morning over the fear that right-wing Conservatives might jeopardize our chances of winning the 2012 election, and that in the long-run we’ll be far worse off than we were.  Mona Charen at National Review warns us:  “Don’t blow it!”  Charles Krauthamer and Thomas Sowell agree – that Boehner’s plan is a pretty good deal and we’ve gotten more than we’d ever hoped for, considering we only hold one-half of one of the three branches of government, only a small majority of that is governed by Conservatives.

I couldn’t agree more that if we go past that Aug. 2nd deadline and Obama refuses to pay that debt, that the Tea Party will be blamed for the economic disaster (no loans for businesses, cars, mortgages, an abysmal credit rating, overseas creditors refusing to loan the U.S. money, and so forth).

Charen cites the tactics by which the Progressives achieved universal health care (Obamacare) – one piece, one little victory at a time, the way Washington won the Revolutionary War.  George Washington and Benjamin Franklin did not approve of the 1773 Boston Tea Party.  Franklin, in particular, also felt that time was on the side of the Colonists.  Eventually, the Colonists would outnumber the English in population and find the Colonists taking over their Parliament.  Which is why we had no representation there.  Without representation, there was no hope of freedom from Britain, no matter how many people lived here.

Our trade was heavily regulated in England’s favor.  Americans couldn’t even manufacture goods for themselves; they had to buy everything exclusively from England.  They used to taxes to regulate everything.  Yes, they finally gave in on every tax, except for tea, which was supposed to be a symbolic compromise.  Franklin, when he learned of the tea party, was extremely annoyed.  Washington was said to be furious.

As with every revolution, someone considered a “hothead” lights the match and starts things going.  More sober minds cluck their tongues, complaining that a compromise would have eventually been reached, that the hotheads are overreacting.  They deplore the ensuing violence – although what “violence” has ensued is hard to see – and bloodshed.  Wiser heads should prevail.

Wiser heads prevailed during the eventual takeover of health care.  Initially, Americans were angry and refused to pass it.  Wiser heads, worrying over elections and press coverage, intervened and worked out “compromises” with the Democrats until we were saddled with Obamacare, not to mention the Stimulus/Porkulus buy-outs.

We’re sorry if Messrs. Krauthamer and Sowell, and Ms. Caren have a headache.  Krauthamer and Sowell are respected economists.  Constituent anger stopped HillaryCare in its tracks; Media hype about Conservative “anger” stoked the fires of propaganda, and wiser heads, thinking our reputations were at stake, wisely “compromised” with the Democrats, figuring they could starve Obamacare out.  That’s what they told us.  Only they can’t.  Paying for Obamacare is part of this compromise package we’re supposed to meekly accept.

The Tea Parties do have to fight harder.  We don’t have the luxury of nibbling away as the Democrats have.  There is no compliant, treacherous cohort on their side of the aisle, willing to compromise the Progressive agenda.  They’re totally committed to it.  They have the armor of a compliant, propaganda press, and a bought-off entitlement class of voters who will never, ever vote against them.  A best, we’ll only ever be able to fight them to a stalemate and only if every single Republican voter is brave enough to stand their ground, and obviously they’re not.  That’s the reality from down here.

Are we supposed to cry for the RINOs who fear they might lose an election; RINOs who’ve aided and abetted the enemy in putting us in this position?  When I was in high school, I threw my American History II grade rather than submit to a subversive curriculum extolling the virtues of Communism.  My parents were furious.  They predicted all sorts of calamity.  I wouldn’t be able to get in a good school.  There would be a bad mark on my name.  It wouldn’t change anything; this teacher was union-protected and would just continue on his ideological march.  Indeed, his whole purpose for usurping U.S. History was to convince the school board to make World History (where the teaching of Communism belong) a graduation requirement for all students.

If Obama and the Democrats win this battle – and they probably will, an event I don’t predict lightly or gladly – it won’t be because a minority of Conservative Republicans stood up for their principles; it will be because a majority of compromised Republicans didn’t.


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