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Friday, May 06, 2011

The Osama Raid, Ver. 4.1

There are so versions of the “Raid” story, it’s hard to keep up anymore. The president and his staff were watching. The president and his staff weren’t watching. The raid took 45 minutes. The raid was over and Osama was killed in mere moments. Osama went down like a man, firing away at the SEALs. Osama poked his head out of the bedroom door, then hid behind his wife like a girl. Osama threw his wife at the SEALs and was reaching for his AK-47. The SEALs had him down on the ground and then killed him.

So did Osama die a coward’s death or a martyr’s death? Was he scared? I sure hope so. I would certainly think he would be with the SEALs’ weapons pointed at his head and nowhere to go, trapped like an animal in its lair. It might have been possible that, like a trapped animal, he made one last lunge. Or maybe, if the latest story is true, he quivered like a schoolgirl. But if he was quivering that badly, and feared for his life so, then wouldn’t he have surrendered?

The White House ought to quit while it’s behind. The varying versions are soon going to become a joke. Trying to convince his followers that their leader died like a coward won’t impress them much. Most of them are cowards. Oh, they put up a good front, shaking their AK-47s and snarling into the video camera, like KSM. But if it looks like they’re losing, they’ll cut and run like cockroaches. That’s why they resort to sneak attacks and suicide bombings. Rumor has it Al Qaeda has to juice its suicide volunteers up before they go off on their final mission. Who in their right mind would kill themselves?

In the end, Osama’s bodyguards did not kill him. If he even had any, the SEALs took care of them directly. Nor did he kill himself before the infidels could dispatch him. Some accounts say he didn’t even have time to surrender. But that may just be Liberals trying to make America look bad. On the other hand, not many Americans would lose any sleep if they thought the SEALs went in as an execution squad.

The whole thing is very strange. Why didn’t they just leave the story as it was? The president and his team watched the 40-minute raid from the Situation Room. There was a big firefight, with Osama blazing his way to paradise. The SEALs capped him, allowed him a proper Muslim funeral, then threw him overboard. The End.

Why leave all these unanswered questions, conflicting statements, and dangling threads over the terrorist of the century’s death? Was Wikileaks about to reveal the government’s knowledge of Osama’s location ahead of schedule and Obama felt he had to get him now, before Osama cut and run? Actually, that would make sense.

Really, this is almost as sensational as the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald.

As for Obama’s photo op today, while it actually was a nice gesture and not overdone, he and the Libs deserve every criticism since they bashed Bush incessantly for legitimately wanting to participate in the 9/11 anniversary observances. Unlike Obama, Bush was the president during 9/11. He had a right to be there and he was treated contemptuously by the Democrats, especially in New York. That he was banned from Ground Zero was the most outrageous disgrace and insult.

Just as Sunday was Osama’s comeuppance, today was payback time for Obama and the Democrats. How does it feel, Obama, to be accused of politicizing a tragedy, of creating a mere photo op in order to further your political career?

Yup. Payback sucks.


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