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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Carnival is Over (We Hope)

If Donald Trump was the carnival barker in this birth certificate circus, who was Obama? The Single-O? It was his birth certificate, it was his duty to produce a satisfactory document that actually had a signature on it and told us who his parents were and where they came from - before the election.

The whole thing was whipped up by the Liberal camp during the Democrat primaries. After he was elected, Hawaii passed a ridiculous law that stated even the subject of the birth certificate could not receive a copy of their long-form certificate.

The Birthers have changed their tune as much as the Liberals have. Originally, the complaint (from the Democrats) was that the short form certificate didn’t show his middle (I’m not certain now whether it did or not and I don’t care enough to Google it to check). Then the Birthers insisted that it was a forgery; that Obama was born in Kenya.

Having seen the certificate, which they’re still not convinced is authentic, the Birthers are trying to make the case that since his father was born in Kenya, Obama is not a natural-born citizen. Will the absurdities never end? His mother was born here and he was born here. Even though the Founding Fathers initially intended that “natural-born” meant that both parents had been born in the United States, all sorts of legal difficulties cropped up and the Supreme Court ruled that if the parents were naturalized citizens and a person was born here, that person was an American. If the parents were foreigners, but the U.S. born person came back to live here before age 25 and remained in America for at least 14 years, they then ruled, that person was a citizen.

Eventually, the Supreme Court decided if you were born here, no matter what your parents’ citizenship was, you were an American. Absurdity from the left. Absurdity from the right. But the Birthers had a problem with the fact that Obama was born in Hawaii, but then went to live in Indonesia, where he was adopted by his step-father.

He came back to live in Hawaii with his grandparents and graduated from high school and college here.

That should now be it. End of the birth certificate conspiracy. I looked closely at the long-form certificate, and it sure looked like it was typed on a manual typewriter to me. Still, there are yahoos who are howling about “layering” and that if you examine it on Adobe Illustrator, you’ll see it was a pieced together business. The hospital name is also wrong, they claim.

Have mercy. Do these people not want the Republicans to win in 2012? Don’t they realize that someone could have just as easily have scanned the long-form, broken it up in Illustrator, and then put it back together to make it look fake? Give it up, you guys. By the time you figure it all out, he’ll be out of office (God willing). If you don’t give it up, he may just win in 2012, and then we’re going to have to listen to another four more years of your whining.

Some say Obama gave in because the polls showed that Americans were beginning to doubt his citizenship, especially after Donald Trump went after him. I’m glad he did; it was a marvelous performance. But Obama would have come out with it as an October surprise, either this year or next year. The first deadline for submitting an application for a primary ballot is in October.

However, I think that before Trump pulled his ace, Americans were less interested than ever in that birth certificate. They were starting to listen to commentators like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter others who were saying, “Knock it off. He was born here. Let it go.” Obama had to do something or he’d lose his ammunition against the Conservatives and the Tea Partiers. He’d lose his best weapon for making his opponents look foolish. Stop now and people won’t remember much about the birth certificate by this October and will have no memory of it by next October.

Trump has made the grand sacrifice. He’s such a force of nature that he simply declared himself the victor. You have to admire Trump’s guts and gusto. Many Conservatives do right now. It’s those pesky independents we have to worry about from this October till the next. The Media will make great hash of the fact that Trump was the Birther Champion and the Independents will turn their dainty little noses up at him.

However, this happened early enough before the declaration of any other candidacies so that it will be hard for the Media to hang the ignominious title of “Birther” on any other candidate. Mercifully, they’ve mostly been silent on the issue. I believe Sarah Palin has been recorded as asking whether the certificate is, but no one else.

Demanding that a president provide satisfactory proof of his citizenship is not unreasonable. Americans shouldn’t be made to feel like lunatics for expecting a candidate for the office of President of the United States to abide by the law. The reason it seems that way is because he drew the battle out for so long, hoping to hang those Tea Partiers on their petards. For my part, I only believed it in the very beginning, or should I say, became concerned and did some research to find out the truth. After that, I had absolutely no doubt of where and when he was born.

Still, there was a point at which the Birthers had to cease and desist, and that time was right about now, if not sooner. He’s produced it now – belatedly, as he knows very well – which I don’t think he would have done, otherwise, and now it’s time for the Birthers to bury the hatchet and the birth certificate issue.


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