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Monday, April 25, 2011

Update on Emma's Dilemma

The latest update on Emma "Hermione" Watson is that she has officially dropped out of Brown.  "Rumors" and they're only rumors - are that she's considering a NYC school, possibly NYU or Columbia.  Looks like she may have heeded my final FB post to her which basically said, "Whatever you do is your own business, but you might want to contact your spokesperson because this story is in the NY Daily News, the largest paper in NYC - and that's a LOT of readers."

Going to school in NYC - or London or Paris or wherever she wants to go, meaning a large city makes a lot more sense for this young lady than being out in the middle of nowhere with a long commute to the nearest city. When you think about, would it make much sense for a girl who had the guts to cut her hair and begin a fashion design venture let herself be bullied out of school? If she had then she might as well give up show biz altogether, because the paparazzi are no better.


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