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Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Tea Parties!

Three years ago today, Americans joined, in great numbers, the Tea Party express (small caps), a grass-roots movement that had actually begun in February of 2009. For many though, April 15th was the day it all began for them.

We’ve had some small successes and one very big one – the November 2010 elections – and we’re till ready for more. We’ve survived in spite of Media columnists, bloggers, and talking heads who’ve labeled us with every noxious name in their rulebook – racists, homophobes, idiots, haters, know-nothings, and teabaggers. They’ve done everything they can to revile us in the eyes of average Americans. Some Americans have looked beyond their television sets or computer monitors to find out who we really are; others have not.

We involved ourselves directly in the political process at every level from local politics to the federal government, taking on every issue from school vouchers to the federal budget. Some politicians have even climbed on board.

As we’ve seen, the battle isn’t easy. Party labels don’t mean anything when the expensive suit is made out of the same material and the words we hear are part of the same agenda. Political conformity is at the top of that agenda.

The Liberal Left hippies of the Sixties now hold every level of power in the government, business, labor, and even churches. Most disturbing is their generational position in education. They’re well-entrenched in our universities, where they’ve held forth since the early Thirties. The classroom is where they do the most damage, brainwashing gullible young minds with their one-world, redistribute-the-wealth, silence-the-critics agenda.

Tea Parties are learning that big things come in small packages. They’re forming small groups and educating friends and neighbors in their own communities about the dangers America is facing. They have facts in their hands, not just talking-points. Facts like the U.S. Debt Clock. They’ve educated themselves on American history, the U.S. Constitution, and current issues.

The thing about grassroots is: you can trample grass, mow it down, but it will grow right back up again. You can try to dry it up, scaring potential members, but eventually God will make it rain and the grass will grow back again, tougher than ever.

The Tea Parties know they must keep on advocating for solid, American, Constitutional values. The U.S. Constitution is our foundation and support. We must keep an eye out for those who abuse it. We must hold our candidates for office to a high standard. Those who don’t uphold the standards must be shown the door. What we tolerate will inevitably come back to haunt us.

So, Happy Anniversary, Tea Parties! Keep up the good work!


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