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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Birther Conspiracy

I’d love to know who started this birther conspiracy.  If I were a bettin’ woman, I’d say it was one of Obama’s cheerleaders.  My conservative friends won’t listen when I try to tell them they’re being led on a wild Obama chase.  There’s nothing to this business.  The guy was born in Hawaii, just like he claims but he wants you to run around chasing your tails thinking he was born in Kenya, or wherever, for a number of reasons.

1.       According to my research, the hospital in which he was born switched all their records over to microfilm, leaving only the short-from “live birth” certificates.  The original birth certificate still exists, but it would have to be printed out and the hospital will only print the record on the authority of the individual or their next-of-kin.  The law, unfortunately, is on his side, technically.  The more the Birthers whip themselves into a frenzy the worse it looks for them and the better for him.
2.      There are a couple of reasons besides the political reasons that he would refuse to make it public.  First, the original form may or may not show his religion.  However, we already know he was born to a Muslim father and raised by a Muslim step-father.  In Islam, the father’s religion rules.  A child is considered a resident of that Muslim country in which the father was born.  Obama claims he later converted to Christianity, at best a dubious assertion.  Secondly, while the proof that he was born in Hawaii would put to rest birthers’ arguments, another group, at the moment silent, would have verification of something he’d rather the general public didn’t know or believe.  At least not yet.  They probably won’t believe it.  Thirdly, refusing to make public his birth certificate puts him in the camp of the illegal immigrants, who bridle at the notion of legal documentation.  During his campaign, Obama declared himself a “citizen of the world.”
3.      For all their seemingly outlandish demands, the Birthers are right.  The American public has a right to be satisfied, publicly if necessary, that their president is a legal, natural-born citizen of the United States.  His refusal to make the certificate public only inflames the suspicious about him.

Recently, I sent out a resume for a position as web content provider.  On my resume, I listed “astrology” among my skills.  I’m not a practicing astrologer, however.  I don’t enjoy or believe in telling people how to live their lives.  Occasionally, when I was younger, I would ask people when they were born.  They had characteristics about which I was curious and I wanted to see if they matched up to their astrology chart.  Inevitably, that led to requests for charts.  I had no time and little desire, and I learned not to ask.  I seldom tell people anymore that I know how to read a horoscope chart.

Still, the skill has its uses, especially when you’re studying presidents reluctant to reveal their birth certificates and societies where astrology was born.  Before the Muslims were Muslims, they were Persians and Zoroastrians.  They studied the stars and developed the art of astrology.  They believed that comets and the alignment of stars and planets were the portents of great happenings and also signified the birth of kings.

In 1962, six months to the day after Obama was born, The Great Eclipse of 1962 had people worldwide fearing that the end of the world had come.  The Hindus, in particular, were terrified.  They feared an immediate cataclysm.

Apparently, the Arabs watched the Great Eclipse with more interest than terror.  That same year, many interesting things began to occur in the “umma”.  The Islamists prepared their North American jihad that year, opening madrassas in the U.S. and Canada.  Jihadist societies began forming.

The eclipse occurred over the Pacific Ocean.  At its height, it passed over the equator, sweeping close to the Hawaiian Islands, darkening the mid-day sun, but leaving a false, reflected glow, a silvery corona, lit by the sun, of the aligned planets behind it.  At least, that’s the story.

Astrologers whisper that the alignment, written in Aquarius, but actually taking place in Capricorn, signified the birth of a new king, a new dictator, one who would rule the earth with “justice” and “equality” – unlike Jesus Christ and his olive branch.  He would preach peace to the young, heal the sick, and deliver justice with an iron fist.  The eclipse was a sign to his prophet and his followers to prepare the way for him.

The Bible teaches us to scorn the study of astrology, to ask questions of God, not crystal balls (which even mystics regard as extremely dangerous).  Christians look to the future world, not this one, for which the Islamists scorn us, as much as they scorn the Hebrews for what they regard as clinging to the past.  Yet, they still rely on portents from the sky for divination, a practice that predates their religion.

The politically correct West has been bending over, bowing and scraping, to accommodate the Islamists and assuage their fury over offenses to their religion.  Meanwhile, they murder Christians and other non-Muslims with abandon, and proudly proclaim their mission to blow Israel out of existence.  Apologists claim that Islam is a peaceful religion, yet the Koran makes direct reference to terrorizing non-believers.

They regard the West as weak.  In America, a man or woman who committed adultery might be shunned and their spouse would seek a divorce.  Mainly, the punishment for breaking the marital compact is financial and emotional.  In Muslim countries, the punishment is brutal, depending on what the offenders are caught doing.   A woman merely being in the company of man to whom she’s not related can be whipped or caned publicly, as happened to a woman in Indonesia.

Her neighbors actually broke into her house and dragged the woman and the man she was in the bedroom with out into the street and dragged them to the local police station.  The man was caned first, and then the woman.  After being beaten senseless in the official punishment, the crowd then assaulted her on the way to the hospital. 

Women are considered lower than dirt, literally, in Islamic societies.  A man who has touched a woman, if he cannot clean himself with soap and water, must use dirt before he can pray.  Women are not allowed to drive, cannot be seen in the company of unrelated men, must veil themselves (it is written in the Koran; the apologists have lied to the West on this matter), and must stay in their room when company comes, and cannot come out until the man of the house tells them they can.  A man can beat his wife for any offense he feels has been committed, even something as simple as burning the halal.

For women, an Islamic world would truly be a hell on earth and its purveyor evil incarnate.  Western had hoped such revelations about women’s status in Islam would not come to light.  Now that it has, though, they must publicly deplore it and assure us that there are moderates working to reform Islam.

Perhaps there are reformers who sincerely wish to moderate Islam’s brutality.  But their days are numbered.  The fanatics feel they’ve been ordered to kill anyone who questions the Koran’s dictates.  The rest are simply lying to us.  Once lured into their trap, there will be no escape.  This is not conspiracy theory hysterics – this is a fact.  We’d be hard-pressed to defend our liberal society where scantily-clad young women display themselves on 20-foot billboards and television ads for contraceptives are commonplace.

Americans might find the Islamic proscription of alcohol consumption even more difficult to bear.  Nor would there be any amending of sharia law, as there was with the U.S. Constitution during Prohibition.  No one can really deny that our society has degenerated – thanks in large part to the progressives and the drug-pedaling, communist-oriented entertainment industry.

Talk about the Bible in Western society, and you’ll be shunned as though you believed in Martians and UFOs.  Pray in public and you might just be fined.  In China, Christians can be arrested for praying in public.  Crèches and Christmas songs in public schools are officially taboo.

When they say Anti-Christ, they really mean “anti”, as in “against”.  As in “discrimination.”  As in “hatred.”  As in “apostasy.”

As in putting an end to the religion.  For that matter, as in putting an end to any religion except Islam.  The sign was given to a largely unaware and skeptical world, nearly 50 years ago.  Those who believe it are working to bring the signs to pass, into reality.  We may not want to believe it.  But they do.  We may want to believe that Obama was born in Kenya, and that’s something we’ve been encouraged to believe.

Don’t believe it.  Not for a second.



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