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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Have Met the Enemy?

And according to Nancy Pelosi, they are us? We’re the “intolerant,” well-funded opposition speaking out against the Ground Zero mosque?

I don’t know about “well-funded.” None of us will be very well-funded by the time Health Care and Financial Reform are through stripping our wallets. I had to find the free blog services to carry my blog and hope that someone actually reads it.

But she’s right. I’m not a very “tolerant” person. I don’t have much tolerance for a religion that stones couples for falling in love, cutting off the ears and noses of teenage girls who want to dress in western style.

I don’t have much tolerance for a religion that bans all others. That threatens death to anyone who tries to leave that religion for another. That demotes non-believers and women to second-class status. That doesn’t allow women to get an education, drive, or work.

That bans drinking, dancing, music, and movies. That creates murder and mayhem in Western societies that reject its teachings. That bombs hotels, restaurants, and airplanes. That teaches zealotry, to hate and kill anyone not like them.

That has conquered other civilizations and religions through force, violence, and slavery, destroying other churches and religious symbols and building their own upon the ruins of the vanquished.  That seeks to conquer the world.

I don’t have much tolerance, either, for political hacks who find such religious tyranny useful. Nor much more tolerance for spineless pundits who want to be patted on the back for protecting the Constitution, all the while exposing it to the knife that will destroy it to shreds.

The owner of the property where the Ground Zero mosque will be located rejected New York Gov. Paterson’s offer of another location on state property. What a surprise. But it’s Community Board One that should be hung by its own petards for this failure.

I have no tolerance for a community that watched an enemy murder nearly 2,800 people and then allow that enemy to build a victory mosque on the perimeter of the devastation. Do they think they’re being magnanimous? Do they delude themselves into thinking they’re the truly patriotic Americans? Do they feel all warm and fuzzy that this imam is patting them on the back for being so politically correct?

My father had a saying, “Watch out for the guy who pats you on the back – he’s looking for a place to stick the knife in.”


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