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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Religious Freedom's Best Friend

According to the Associated Press, opponents of a proposed mosque in Temecula, Calif., “deployed” dogs to the protest “to intimidate” Muslims holding prayer services. The reporter was careful not to note what it was about the dogs that “intimidated” the Muslims.

Here’s a hint: if you’re thinking fangs, jaws, teeth, if you’re imagining a recurrence of race riot scenes of the Sixties, you’re thinking of the wrong end of the animal. Muslims are “intimidated” by dogs because they consider them “unclean” and the religion actually forbids Muslims to own dogs.

The story says that dear little children at a fund-raiser for the Murfreesboro, Tenn., mosque sold homemade wooden plaques, door hangers and small serving trays with messages saying, “Peace” and “I love being a Muslim,” and “Freedom of Religion.”

They may love being Muslims, but they don’t love dogs and Americans do, Americans of all stripes. The problem with Islam is its melding of religion and politics. For them religion is a law, the government. Were they ever to gain a majority it America, however slight, our country would go to the dogs.

They know they have us over a barrel with freedom of religion. But not every religion is legal necessarily. Religions that practice animal sacrifice are banned, for instance. They accuse Americans opposed to them “settling” here of employing stereotypes.

One of those “stereotypes” was on the cover of Time recently; an Afghan girl who’d had her ears and nose cut off by the Taliban. If the so-called “moderate” Afghans can’t control their violent militants in their own countries, what better success will they have here?

Meanwhile on the home front, a website called “Humane Events” has given us an update on the construction of St. Nicholas Church, which sat at the feet of the Twin Towers and was utterly demolished when one of the towers fell on top of it on 9/11.

“In July 2008, …church officials and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced a deal which would have allowed the church to be rebuilt about two blocks from its original location.

“The Port Authority agreed to give the church a parcel of land at Liberty and Greenwich Streets, and contribute $20 million toward construction of a new sanctuary. The Port Authority also agreed to build an explosion-proof platform and foundation for the new church building, which would sit on top of a screening area for cars and trucks entering the underground garages at the new World Trade Center.

“Trouble emerged after St. Nicholas announced its plans to build a traditional Greek Orthodox church building, 24,000 square feet in size, topped with a grand dome. Port Authority officials told the church to cut back the size of the building and the height of the proposed dome, limiting it to rising no higher than the World Trade Center memorial. The deal fell apart for good in March 2009, when the Port Authority abruptly ended the talks after refusing to allow church officials to review plans for the garage and screening area underneath. Sixteen months later, the two sides have still not met to resume negotiations.”

Yet this Ground Zero mosque was given clearance with no questions asked as to its funding or its height. Word is the State Department has given this imam its blessing and has sent him off on a tour of the Middle East as an ambassador of good will. We’ve also sold jets to Saudi Arabia.

Moderate Muslims have the same aim as their more militant brethren; they simply mean to conquer us “peacefully” by out-populating us. War and killing aren’t the answer. But calling upon man’s best friend as an ally may prove to be an amusing and “peaceful” way to settle our differences, protect our country, and send a message to our new Muslim neighbors.


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