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Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Road to Hell

The N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission, in its infinite wisdom, ended mechanical motor vehicle inspections as of August 1st. They will however, continue the all important work of checking emissions on vehicles five years and older.

According to the N.J. Star Ledger, Motor Vehicle Commission administrator Raymond Martinez says the changes will save the state about $17 million. Most of the savings come from scrapping 2.4 million mechanical inspections and re-inspections performed each year and by shifting new car emissions testing back a year.

The Garden State joins 30 other states which no longer check for bald tires and faulty breaks, among other vehicle hazards. Buses and commercial vehicles will continue to be inspected.

This will be good news to all the illegal aliens and terrorist guys who had to live in fear that they might be stopped by the police for a broken tail light. They will no longer have to fear breaking these particular laws because they no longer exist. Since that was the only excuse the law allowed law enforcement to question a suspected terrorist, the terrorists are now off the hook.

Today, I visited a salvage yard as part of a work assignment. There were acres and acres of abandoned vehicles. Cars that had been in accidents or had been stolen and whose VIN numbers were changed, making the driver amenable to the law. But now the drivers can go back and claim their vehicles.

New Jersey’s roads will become a virtual rolling junkyard. You can just imagine what this mean for insurance claims, if a car’s brakes fail and that car rear-ends you. I was trying to visualize all those cars in that salvage yard out on the road (except for the cars whose VIN numbers were changed, of course).

Cars with bashed in sides. Mangled fenders. Stoved-in hoods. One minivan was completely missing its trunk and rear window. Beyond the back seats, there was emptiness. And goodness knows what mechanical problems they have. The driver’s seat in one car was pushed all the way up to the steering wheel.

But never mind. We’ll still have the emissions testing. People will die by the scores in accidents involving unsafe vehicles. But at least they won’t be emitting anymore CO2.


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