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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Journelites

So the Journelites have been exposed at last. Some Conservative pundits are trying to cut them some slack, theorizing that they found one another “accidentally”, that they’re no more guilty of corroboration than Conservative journalists and commentators would be, if there were enough of them to actually constitute a cabal.

I’ve been trying to convince my mother for years to turn off the major networks and tune into Fox News. Turns out she’s got a problem with Fox’s sexy female anchors. Their skirts are too short for my mother’s tastes (she was raised by a Victoria-age grandmother wouldn’t let my mother wear red shoes).

Still, she admits Fox News is more accurate. Whenever I go to her house, and inevitably find her reverting to her CBS News habit, I grab the remote control and switch over to Fox. She wanted me to come over for dinner last night, but I wasn’t feeling well. She invites me over once a week for dinner and company, but I wasn’t feeling. But I should have gone, or she’ll fall back into her old habits.

I’ve also given her my copies of National Review. She admits she’s tired of reading news and magazines with nothing but the same liberal slant that she’s been reading since she was young. She thinks Obama is terrible. Well, I tried to tell her (don’t worry; she voted for McCain). She figured he was young and maybe the blacks needed to have a chance at office.

Blacks, certainly. Asian-Americans. Native Americans. We nearly had our first Eskimo-American First Gentleman. Or First Dude, as some wanted to call him. A vote for Sarah is a vote for Todd! Yeah!

But if you don’t think the Journelites don’t all flock together, go onto one of AOL’s political chat rooms some night. If you go into the Left chat rooms, you’ll see them congratulating one another. In the Right rooms, you’ll find them degrading Conservatives (though with less success than they used to).

I haven’t gone into the chat rooms in months. I’ve been too busy with my blog, catching up on my reading (I’m reading Atlas Shrugged at home and Economics for Dummies at lunch at the moment), and of course, making music, to be bothered with them.

They’re a thoroughly vile bunch. They used to employ the most profane language possible until I started taking them to task for it. In those days, very few Conservatives spoke up, even in their own rooms. This was the War on Terror chat room, though, so no one really “owned” it.

But the Journelites claimed they did. I ventured to make a comment and they told me I had no right to post a comment until invited to do so, until the rest of the room got to know me. My first response was, “Oh yeah? Well, too bad about that. I pay my monthly AOL fee and I’ll post whenever I darn well feel like it.”

So much for chat room etiquette. In those days, they were fond of Goebbel-esque postings, repeating them over and over, like a mantra. “Bush Lied, Troops Died.” So I’d return something on the order of, “The U.N. Lied, Saddam Cried.”

The Journelites also enjoyed questioning educational levels of other chatters. I knew the Journelites were simply political hacks sitting in some room together with multiple computers, with their talking points in front of them. Anyone who has ever engaged in a debate knows how difficult it is to argue point blank with someone with a sheet full of notes and a head full of steam. The chat rooms are not for the light hearted.

So I learned to keep my best reference books at my side: dictionary, thesaurus, world almanac, (which contains the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, and all four verses of the Star Spangled Banner), atlas, and the Communist Manifesto (very useful book for arguing with socialist idiots).

Nearby are my volume of Shakespeare and a few of my other favorite works of literature, plus the Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, Mao’s Little Red Book, Das Kapital, Wealth of Nations, and the Road to Serfdom. The Journelites are fond of demanding instant definitions and even spellings of words (although they didn’t recognize the word “repudiate” even though in its misspelled form, it was still easy to comprehend),.

For those on the go, who are using Twitter and other such forms of electronic communications, I recommend getting one of those Kindle devices, and permanently uploading the most important of the reference books for easy access.

We have a few message points of our own now, thanks to the Tea Parties, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin and others. Where the Internet was once the province of liberal high school and college students, since computers have become widespread in the workplace, even senior Americans have Facebook pages, if only to keep up with the grandkids.

The Internet is how the Tea Parties became so widespread. The socialists have discovered that we’re actually pretty well-educated. Roland Straten, running for the 8th Congressional District in New Jersey, has a master’s degree in economics and was the econometrics expert (I think I got that right) at Union Camp, a paper company. He’s outlined a whole economic plan which I imagine you can find on his website or in his weekly campaign newsletter.

Now there’s a candidate who knows his stuff. Voters in N.J.’s U.S. 8th District should definitely check Roland out! And he very proudly proclaims that he wrote the literature himself. No journalista helped him with it. Not bad for a first-timer and an engineer!

The postings that you read about in Daily Caller, from the now-extinct Journolist website, are typical of their ill-natured raillery. Nauseating, self-aggrandizing, obsequious, and misleading. Their objectivity, if they ever had any, was lost in the Propaganda Sea. They’re no better than sanctimonious zealots proselytizing for a substitute religion. I believe I was the first writer to accuse them of “cheerleading”, in a post in one of AOL’s political chat rooms.

They were outraged. One respondent had to repeat the charge in increasingly large font: “Cheerleaders? CHEERLEADERS?! CHEERLEADERS?!!!!” I think I struck a nerve. Now that we’ve exposed their Achilles heel, it’s time to go after them full force.

I have a concert tonight, but maybe I’ll take a few minutes beforehand to go to one of the chat rooms and chortle at them.


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