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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trying Our Patience

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that New York City terror bomb suspect Najibullah Zazi was tracked by the F.B.I. on the 1,800-drive from Colorado to New York City.

The Port Authority Police were waiting for him at The George Washington Bridge at a pre-arranged drug checkpoint, without a warrant to search for the explosives he was allegedly carrying. Unable to do anymore than look, they waved him across the bridge.

A police department spokesman later pooh-poohed the incident. “The important thing,” he assured the news cameras, “was that Zazi was caught. We stopped him.”

Those comforting words beg the question – then why was he stopped on the bridge in the first place? What were the authorities trying to prove, if they couldn’t prove anything?

One thing it proves is how dysfunctional our legal system is, when law enforcement can see or at least easily find dangerous explosives, only to have the evidence dismissed. Let’s see. The Top 10 Reasons Zazi hid explosives in his car:

10. I needed to remove some tree stumps.
9. My kid wasn’t waking up in time for school.
8. I was trying to evict a tenant from my rental property.
7. I have a rock band and we wanted to have some pyrotechnics.
6. I wanted to dig a hole for my new swimming pool.
5. I was going to a bachelor’s party. We wanted to give the groom a big bang.
4. It’s my kid’s birthday; I promised him fireworks.
3. It’s my anniversary; I promised my wife fireworks.
2. My cellar door is jammed; I needed to get it open.
1. I needed to jump-start my wife’s car.

There’s no end to the excuses defense attorneys will make to have evidence dismissed.

Zazi’s car, it seems, could have been loaded from bumper to bumper with explosives, with a lit fuse dangling out of the trunk; yet, without that piece of paper, the PAPD would have to let him go right out onto the bridge and blow it up.

Nor will there be any end to the blame the Liberals will gleefully lay upon law enforcement and upon our own country, all the while shedding their own enormous share of blame the way a snake sheds its skin.

This event is evidence for one thing, at any rate: it’s another reason why the 9/11 Terrorist Trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be a military tribunal.

Heaven only knows what sort of embarrassing evidence against the F.B.I., the Port Authority P.D., and the New York City P.D. will emerge (you won’t hear it from me). We don’t even know what we don’t know. But we know what we don’t want to know.

KSM, as they call him, doesn’t deserve a civilian show trial. Neither does he deserve a firing squad. That would be too good for this evil clown and would dishonor all our service men and women. He doesn’t rate a warrior’s death.

Many are opposed to him having a lethal injection. But it would be the best way to send this murderous showman to the ash heap of history, with a quiver and a snivel, and nothing more.

No pompous speeches, outlandish theatrics, or courtroom temper tantrums for him. Above all, no television cameras to record his last, “heroic” moments. Turn this guy off, for the love of Pete. Give him the old #30#.

A military tribunal would spare us any further examinations into the “unusual” methods of the F.B.I. We don’t need to add any more fuel to the fires of the 9/11 Truthers, for one thing. Nor do we need to hold our useless legal system up to scrutiny.

Finally, if nothing else, think of the poor George Washington Bridge. Every day, it’s faced with traffic jams, accidents, fires, suicide jumpers, car chases with drug dealers. Lunatics scaling its cables.

Sleeping security guards.

It’s the busiest bridge in the world. The GW doesn’t need this kind of publicity.

Next time you need to track down a terrorist guy, terrorist-guy chasers, send him through the Lincoln Tunnel, instead.


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