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Monday, April 26, 2010

The "Fairness" Tax

What gets you up in the morning? If you’re like the rest of us, the answer is a four-letter word: work.

You have to feed your kids, pay your mortgage, and pay your “fair” share of taxes. Welcome to real life.

That word “fair” is what got me up this morning. Obama used it again to describe amnesty for illegal aliens. But he’s also used it for a host of his other socialist programs including health care reform, the Fairness Doctrine, and the redistribution of wealth.

Otherwise known as taxes.

In doing my taxes, I discovered I was eligible (barely) for the working class tax credit. I accepted it. I don’t deny it. I don’t deny that I could use it.

However, my older brother was not eligible for this tax because he made more money than I did. Well, that’s fair, isn’t it? He can afford to pay more taxes. He probably deserves to pay more taxes, right? He’s the “evil rich.”

I think I’ve been down this blogger road before but the subject is worth repeating, especially since the word “working” is used to justify this “credit.”

My older brother has worked longer than I have. He’s worked harder. At age 11, he was busy building a newspaper route empire. He’s stayed at the same company since graduating from college with a master’s degree in business administration.

He’s smarter than I am. He studied harder and got better grades than I did. He did his homework. He did his chores. He was more responsible than I was. He was more careful with his money. He did a better job of saving it. He shopped around for the best prices for everything, from stereos to automobiles.

He looked to the future. He built his own house. He took on more responsibilities at work than I did and got more promotions, and more money. He invested his money wisely. Well maybe not always as wisely as he could have, but more wisely than I did.

When there was a strike, as a manager he was called upon to fill in for the striking workers. It was a hazardous duty, and he had to hire protection for himself. In general, he’s worked longer hours than I have and spent more time away from home.

But the Fates got “even” with him for being so responsible. He married (and divorced) a woman who spent extravagantly enough for both of them. He had a son who’s even smarter than he is and whom he now has to support through an expensive school.

And his younger sister is getting a tax credit for working and saving only half as hard, diligently, and responsibly as he did.

It just isn’t fair.


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