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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Told You So

Unlike last year when it was so cold, snow flurries whipped through the air on the Morristown Green, the weather this year was absolutely gorgeous, a flawlessly beautiful spring day.

The tulips stood at attention, the cherry blossoms were at their pinkest, and the sky was that soft April blue that makes you so glad to be out in the fresh air.

Likewise, the tea partiers were polite, well-mannered, and attentive. The speakers were on message. And there were only a handful of tea party crashers – three with signs and the kids from Drew University in back - who enjoyed no success in disrupting the rally.

Nobody paid any attention to the party crashers, though. They were too busy listening to the speakers and cheering to care what they did. Everyone was so well-behaved – being all adults and then some, there was no reason to expect otherwise – that anyone who got out of line would have stood out like Uncle Sam at an anti-war rally.

The one sign was pretty funny. I couldn’t tell whether the sign bearer was a party crasher or not. She was certainly dressed like everyone else. She was carrying one of the “Kenya” signs (“A village in Kenya is missing it’s [sic] idiot”).

The incorrect punctuation was probably the tip-off. While I’m no birther (as I’ve often written), I still found the sign a good belly-laugh. That’s the thing about us partiers – we don’t let nonsense like that bother us. The sign was harmless, as far as any of us were concerned.

If someone wants to believe in a Kenyan birth certificate, or UFOs, or the Tri-Partisan Commission (or whatever it’s called), leave them alone. 9/11 Truthers are troublesome idiots, but it’s not worth arguing with them.

So, no one disrupted anything, although the crowd was ready for them, if they tried. A delivery truck driver shouted something unintelligible out his window, and it looked like some of the partiers were going to run out of the park after him – some of the women partiers.

The male partiers looked shocked. But he drove on and that was the end of the one and only incident in Morristown.

For my part, I was glad to have nothing more to do than relax, take photos, and listen to the wonderful speeches. The last speaker, the chairman of the Tea Party’s Small Groups initiative, was terrific.

He urged the crowd to talk to their friends and neighbors, that we couldn’t do it alone. That’s’ what I would have said. That’s what I’ve been saying from Day One. But he was a much better speaker and I was glad he and the others were on message and delivering it so well.

If I had gotten up to speak, I think would have spoken about taxes, something I skirted around when I was on the podium last year.

Critics seem to think we object to paying any taxes. They also say that our taxes aren’t as high as we claim they are. But looking at some of the porkulus earmarks, it’s obvious the government has WAY too much of our money to spend.

A shellfish conference in Missippi? Turtle research in Hawaii? A teapot museum in North Carolina (this was BTP – Before Tea Parties, in 2007)?

My brother’s ex-wife had a porcelain fetish. She stuffed porcelain plates, bowls, cups, vases, figurines into every corner, every cabinet, every nook of their 2,400 square foot center hall colonial home.

When she left and we helped my brother clear his house of all the junk, we were just amazed by all the waste. Nature abhors a vaccum, and so did his ex-wife, my brother would joke. She also couldn’t stand to an empty space go to waste.

If only our problems with Washington were that simple. We focus on the senselessness of these pet projects and don’t look beyond them. We don’t itemize the bill of sale. People don’t realize that these porkulus items are kick-backs.

Reading the news articles, you discover that all these pet projects involved huge campaign contributions. The politicians received kick-backs for bringing home the bacon. A political friend notes both parties are guilty.

Democrats are fond of research studies, Republicans, of employment-propping business contracts – corporate welfare. We need to pay attention to the government credit card bill when it comes in to find out just what our politicians are buying.

We also need to put a stop to the unfair redistribution of wealth. It’s very easy to say, tax my more affluent older brother in favor of my struggling younger brother, with me in the middle.

But who he gives his money to should be up to my big brother, not Big Brother. The government needs to mind his own business. We shouldn’t be providing unconditional support to people we don’t even know and can’t hold accountable for the expense.

We’re busy bailing out consumers who went way beyond their credit card limit, and now we’re picking up the bill, just as my brother had to pay the freight for all those empty porcelain bowls.

Crazy people have the strangest way of making you feel guilty for the crimes they’ve committed. It’s time to stop letting the crazy people run the asylum. We’re on the hook for an awful lot of money we have little hope of repaying.

I watched a commercial about an organization that helps indebted consumer get their hands on that free moo-lah that gets them off the credit hook, blaming the credit card companies for charging usurious interest (instead of cutting off their credit after the third month of non-payment).

These are the crazy people who voted for Obama. Why wouldn’t they? But even my younger brother didn’t vote for the Big O in the hopes of picking our olders brother’s pockets. Even has more integrity.

It’s long past time for Americans to turn off the spigot. Turn off the dripping government faucet, cut off their lifeline, turn out their lights. Slash the government’s credit card. Now.

Anyway, that’s what I would have said today, had I spoken. The pictures tell the rest of today’s stories.

The Tea Party – it’s a beautiful thing. I’m so proud of the tea partiers who fearlessly donned their tricorn hats (I wore mine), their Betsy Ross and Statue of Liberty costumes, their tea bag earrings.

They held up their signs, behaved like ladies and gentlemen, and cheered like good Americans.

  They don't look like party crashers to me.

Morristown Tea Party Prez Richard Luzzi

Young, younger, and youngest, they were patriotic

If only Liberals had a sense of humor...

Or a sense of justice....

or just plain ol' common sense

Instead, they worry about buttons, hats, and tea bag earrings.  The very imaginative things we love.  God bless buttons, hats, and tea bag earrings!

This lady's wonderful - she's been with Morristown since the beginning.

In summary, it was a beautiful Tax Day Rally on the Morristown Green!


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