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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Expelling the Founding Fathers

According to a column by Todd Starnes on the Fox News website, Nebraska is considering rewriting their social studies standards.  In the initial draft, the Founding Fathers are expelled and cultural equivalency is promoted over American exceptionalism.  Every school district in the state must adopt the standards or enact an equivalent standard of their own.

An early draft has already been rewritten, reinstating George Washington and Benjamin Franklin – along with other Founding Fathers and historical facts.

Nebraska Board of Education member John Sieler says that the standards also teach global warming as fact, and promote cultural equivalency.  The draft process was not open to the public reports that the draft instructs schools to make sure high school students can “analyze and evaluate the impact of people, events and symbols upon history in the United States and abroad.”  It also calls on students to explore history from multiple perspectives.

Sieler said the state needs to adopt a specific statement recognizing American exceptionalism.

“That is the key to the whole thing,” he said. “We need to teach that we are the good guys. That doesn’t mean we have to hide some of the things that we are not proud of as a nation. We’ve made some mistakes but we are on the right course. We’re not out to conquer countries and enslave people.”

 “Certainly the standards are very strong in the fact that America is a great country,” Donlynn Rice, the state’s administrator of curriculum, instruction and innovation, told Fox News Radio.
“What exact terms we use remains to be seen as we work with the draft.”

But she said she was not sure if the term “American exceptionalism” is in the draft.

“We’re talking about the importance of understanding different cultures,” she said. “We certainly want students to be aware there are many different cultures both in our country and across the world.”

Rice told Fox News that they are listening to public input and used the re-inclusion of the historical figures to illustrate that point.  Yeah.  Seems the frogs aren’t quite boiled enough.

Stripping a nation of its culture and heritage is a generally-accepted practice in overthrowing a country.  In Hungary, the Communists destroyed or erased the faces of local Hungarian heroes.  The new, Muslim leaders of Egypt are planning to destroy the Great Pyramids at Giza, just as they destroyed one of the world’s largest statues of Buddha about ten years ago.  There are reports that the Islamists have their eye on Timbuktu, as well, an ancient marketplace, and home to a sect of Christians who believe they’re in possession of the Ten Commandments.

In Scotland and Ireland, the natives were forbidden to speak their native languages.  Many immigrated to America for the chance for freedom and fought in the Revolutionary War.  Now, our own government, grown so large that it can no longer be governed by the people, wants to wipe the school slate clean, and write their own, Socialist version of history.

If we allow these people to have their way, nothing of history will be left.  There’s not much we can do about the pyramids of Egypt.  If you’ll recall, during the Arab “Spring”, docents of the Egyptian museum had to call in the army to stop the mobs from destroying the artifacts.

These are the irresponsible cretins whom we’ll be paying homage, rather than George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, if everyone doesn’t get their Conservative hats on and vote in November.

As it is, the Pyramids of Egypt are probably already history.  And to think, we helped them.  Or rather, Obama did.  That is why I’m planning to become a librarian – because the only place you’ll be able to see a pyramid, or read what the Founding Fathers wrote is in a book in a library.

A well-hidden library.


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