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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Battle of Derecho

Brother A just returned Sunday night from a weekend trip to Virginia for a caving conference and expedition.  A fellow caveman heard it first – the build—up of a ferocious wind.  He grabbed hold of his tent canopy and warned Brother A to hold onto his.

Brother reported that there was a slight breeze and just a second later, a 70 mph blast of wind that sent everyone else’s tents flying, equipment hurtling through the air, and trees crashing onto campers’ cars.  No one was seriously hurt, although some of the cavegals were scraped up and scared.  One group of campers had a tree crash right onto their vehicle.  Miraculously, no one was hurt or killed in that car, but it took rescuers hours to get them out.

If you believe in the Wrath of God, one can’t help wondering about this wind storm – a second followed.  The District of Columbia suffered a three-day power outage.  Power is something that Washington craves and abuses.  The general public had never heard of a derecho (pronounced the same way as Jericho, only with a “D”) before this.  No one had ever heard of a Supreme Court – in the history of the United States – declaring that Congress has the power to tax citizens into buying something.  We’re taxed for buying something, but not for not buying something.

Nobody ever knows whether God is on their side or not.  The question is really whether we’re on God’s side.  Obamacare was legislation polls cleared showed that Americans did not want.  God was watching and listening as Nancy Pelosi, sledge-gavel in hand, declared that if Americans wanted to know what was in the bill, their representatives would have to pass it.  God was listening as Judge Roberts declared that, one way or another, Obamacare had to be upheld.

That was Judge Roberts’ opinion.  The Washington elites should ask themselves if the derecho was God’s opinion.


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