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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slouching Towards Communism

No one should really be surprised that the Socialist/Communists employ the word “progressive” in their propaganda.  “Progress” is a word commonly used in education.  I am making slow “progress” in improving my mathematical skills.  The progressively-minded always have an objective in mind.  Mine is to pass the Graduate Record Exams so I can study Library Science and Information Research.
Dad’s Dictionary (Mom says his parents gave it to him as a college graduation present, not high school.  He graduated from the notorious City College of New York in the 1930s, just as the educational labor unions were transforming that school) gives the following definitions of “progress”:

1.       Movement forward as in time or space; onward course (i.e., the progress of a disease).

2.      A journeying forward; a march, expedition to a place or through a region; a tour (i.e., “Pilgrim’s Progress”)

3.      An official journey as of a judge or bishop making a visitation

4.      Advance to an objective; a going or getting ahead (i.e., making progress in the study of algebra)

5.      The action or process of advancing or improving by marked stages or degrees

6.      The theory that change from old to new is essential

Woodrow Wilson was a professor at Princeton, so it’s no surprise that he would use a word like progress.  Instead of Marx or Lenin’s fiery revolution, socialists use the boil-the-frog method of gradually indoctrinating us, starting at a young age, into communism.

Karl Marx advised, in his Communist Manifesto, that success depended greatly  upon controlling the means of education and communications.  He was steadfastly opposed to individual families or anything else individual, including owning private property.  Women needed to be encouraged to get out of the homes so that the state could take control of their children’s education.  Psychologically, it wouldn’t be difficult to manipulate women’s envy of men and their supposed power, their education, wealth, and power.  Sigmund Freud was a tremendous aid in this particular objective.

The “progress” of communism has been instituted in such slow, incremental stages that most people are hardly aware that they’re living in an increasingly communist society or that there’s anything wrong with it.  When they move into condos all they know or care about is that they won’t have to deal with the nuisance of caring for the actual land.  Women hate housework.  Voila!  The smaller condos require less housework and no outside maintenance at all.

People don’t realize how they’re being taken advantage of financially.  The current interest rate on savings and checking is 0.25 percent and most banks charge a monthly processing fee of between $3 and $25 per month, depending on how much service you want.  You’re safer keeping your money in your mattress.

Glenn Beck spoke about some countries dispensing with physical money all together.  Consumers will have a chip implanted in their hand or even forehead and they’ll be able to perform monetary transactions automatically.  No more paper checks.  No more accountability.  This is their idea of Progress.

Revelations speaks of people being forced to accept numbers on their hands or foreheads in order to engage in trade.   I always suspected – and warned – that that’s what was coming.  And here we are.

We’ve certainly made “progress”; but towards what?  Are we progressing towards a more efficient, healthier, technically advanced society?  Or are we slouching towards Bethlehem?


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