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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Death, Taxes and the Tea Party

The Media has been speculating on the death of the Tea Party.  Since Tea Partiers haven’t been doing any rallies, they assume that we must have run up the white flag.  Rest assured, Media, the Tea Party is alive, well, and busy.

Three years ago today, the rallying call went out to women at the Morristown Tea Party.  Three years later, women are a force to be reckoned with.  They no longer accept the second-class status assigned to them by the Liberal Progressives because they’re stay-at-home Moms.  Some work; some don’t.  Those who don’t are in a unique position to help their Tea Party thrive.  It was the women of the Morristown Tea Party – the stay-at-home Moms - who did all the legwork in getting the first rally going.  They’re still at it, organizing and campaigning for lower taxes, and a smaller, accountable government.  Perhaps that’s why the Liberal Democrats fear them so.

Ann Romney is their heroine; someone just like them.  The Liberals sniff that she stayed at home because she and Mitt could afford the luxury.  People as wealthy as the Liberals claim the Romneys are can also afford nannies.  But Ann raised her five sons herself.  When they were first married, they were poor, and she has been battling multiple sclerosis and cancer while raising five boys.  Never underestimate the power of a Mom.

Generally, women aren’t, by nature, interested in politics.  But when it comes to their families, the economy is foremost on their minds and whatever affects their children’s and grandchildren’s future is sure to be of concern to them.  The stay-at-home Moms have the time and the motivation to get involved and protect the home front.  Even their working counterparts want a piece of the action.  Don’t mess with the Tea Party Moms.

We speakers weren’t supposed to discuss social issues at that rally.  For Moms, the social issues, such as education and women’s health, are of vital importance and matter very much.  The organizers instructed the speakers to stick to the more manly issues of taxes, constitutional purity, and limited government.  Those are not strictly male issues, of course, but the social issues are closer to home for women and more likely to get their attention.  In any case, the notorious indoctrination of our children in our educational system should be of paramount concern to fathers as well as mothers, and anyone else who cares about the future of the United States of America and freedom.

The indoctrination begins in kindergarten with the pencil test (who gives you the pencil, God or the teacher?) and goes on through environmental propaganda and on to Marxism in high school.  As noted in Glenn Beck’s program on Friday, the message from an audience experienced in living in communist countries, education is a legitimate political issue, as well as the culture war and the centralization of the government.

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Tea Party.  As long as we are taxed for a burgeoning, self-serving government that will micromanage our lives and brainwash our children with their propaganda, there will be a Tea Party.


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