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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rumors of War III

Despite the Administration’s announcement that the War on Terror is over, Glenn Beck’s GBTV documentary, Rumors of War III, presents compelling evidence that is far from over and that we’re being betrayed by our own government.

Among the contributors are Frank Gaffney and Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy prosecuted the Blind Sheikh for his role in the New York City Landmarks Plot and the first bombing of the World Trade Center in the 19902. Gaffney began his public service career in the 1970s, working as an aide in the office of Democratic Sen. Henry M. Jackson. From August 1983 until November 1987, Gaffney held the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy in the Reagan Administration. In April 1987, Gaffney was nominated to the position of U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy. He served as the acting Assistant Secretary for seven months, though his confirmation was ultimately blocked by the U.S. In 1988, he established the American Center for Security Policy (CSP).

This didactic documentary limns the increasing appeasement of radical Muslim groups like CAIR (the Council for American Islamic Relationships) which adopt a moderate posture to gain political favor. Viewers learn how these groups take advantage of an American public thoroughly inured to political correctness and use civil rights as a shield to carry on their work.

The report draws direct links between these allegedly moderate Islamic organizations and the present administration, and even Republican administrations. As McCarthy points, when the goal is to establish Sharia law in America, replacing our own Constitution, it matters very little whether the Islamists use EMP weapons or propaganda (with the help of a willing Media).

Gaffney reports that the Iranians are testing EMP weapons in the Caspian Sea. EMPs – electro-magnetic pulse – are nuclear-based weapons set off high in the atmosphere above a target.

The radiation is minimal; the object is to disrupt a targets electronic systems. Planes and cars would crash. Water systems, which depend upon electronic security and operations, would cease to function. In fact, anything electrical would be wiped out. Permanently.

We have a family friend who served in Army intelligence for years who told us about EMPs decades ago. It was scary then, but far-off. Gaffney reports that the Iranians are firing missiles straight up in the air, which he tells Glenn is a certain sign that their object is to fire EMP weapons. Once the weapons explode, there would be no going-back, no return fire because our electronic-firing systems would be wiped out. When Glenn asks the panel if our own military wouldn’t see this thing coming in time to shoot it down, they decline to answer.

Another serious matter is that a member of the Department of Homeland Security turns out to have ties with radical Islamist groups. He had access to sensitive security files, which he took home with him. When Janet Napolitano was questioned by Congress, she shrugged it off, saying she would investigate the matter herself. Yeah, right.

In a radio interview with Glenn Beck, Gaffney said that there were six people connected to the White House who “on the basis of just the open source information had extensive ties themselves to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The technical term for it,” he explained, “the statutory criminal prohibition on it in the U.S. code is something called misprision of treason and what that fancy term means is if somebody either knows or had reason to know that seditious activity is underway, seditious activity like trying to overthrow the government of the United States or destroy Western civilization from within, for example, that is a criminal offense under our laws and should be treated as such.

“And it appears in the code right next to, you know, sedition because it’s meant to say you can’t let this kind of thing happen and not do something about it without being culpable yourself.”

“Misprision, m‑i‑s‑p‑r‑i‑s‑i‑o‑n, misprision of treason,” Gaffney continues.“And it appears in the code right next to, you know, sedition because it’s meant to say you can’t let this kind of thing happen and not do something about it without being culpable yourself. And when you look at the six people we’ve identified, and I think there’s some correlation to the ones you’ve looked at, the six people we’ve identified who either are in the Obama administration, in the White House, in the State Department or elsewhere, the people who are serving on advisory committees, in official capacities at the Department of Homeland Security and FBI and elsewhere, people who are being used for Muslim outreach by various agencies, six people who it is possible to show on the basis of just the open source information had extensive ties themselves to the Muslim Brotherhood, well, these folks are, I’m afraid, very much a part of the problem that we’re confronting that’s keeping us witless, willfully blind or, worse, actively submitting to the Muslim Brotherhood agenda in America.”

Gaffney, McCarthy and the other panelists showed tremendous courage in appearing on Glenn’s program. In 2005, Congressman (Pa.) Curt Weldon, then Vice-Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, felt the situation particularly concerning Iran was so dangerous that he wrote a book, “Countdown to Terror.” He published details from an anonymous source named “Ali” chronicling Iran’s ambition to acquire nuclear weapons and the help they were receiving from the former Soviet Union.

Suddenly, Weldon was investigated by the FBI on some spurious charges regarding his daughter and some business conduct. He consequently lost his Congressional seat and was never heard from again. However, even Weldon was bamboozled by the moderate Islamic shills and he advocated for streamlining the process for hiring Arab-American intelligence personnel.

“An antiquated process for granting security clearances,” he wrote, “necessary to hire intelligence personnel with skills vital to U.S. national security, can paralyze recruitment. Applicants for employment with the intelligence community must undergo extensive background investigations, and psychological and polygraph testing, before being granted the necessary security clearances.

“However, in practice, the long delays imposed by the recruitment and security review process is doing more harm than good. The process has the effect of excluding from recruitment Arab Americans and other ethnic groups who have language skills vital to winning the war on terrorism.”

That is how even well-intentioned, Conservative, freedom-loving legislators can be misled. Still, Weldon’s instincts about the Iranian threat were right on the money. He perceived well the threat overseas, but not the threat from within, propagated by our Media and the present Administration and its Congressional allies.

Yet everyone is worried that this documentary is a “ploy” by Glenn Beck to get them to subscribe to his network. For God’s sake, people: you subscribe to the propaganda on CNN and MSNBC, don’t you? We used to get the propaganda networks for free. At least, we didn’t have to pay for them because they were subsidized by advertisers, “evil, capitalist advertisers.” Now, thanks to Al Gore, we do pay to listen to their communist advertorials and think nothing of it.

And what if Glenn Beck does get rich? What of it? Wouldn’t you rather see your money go to Glenn, who’ll give you everything you pay for and more, than, say, Bill Maher? Steve Jobs was rich, and we knew it, but we still bought his products, didn’t we? Do you take your kids to see Disney movies? Do you know what kind of garbage Disney produces these days? Uncle Walt must be turning over in his grave. But you still take the tots to see the latest movies, don’t you?

Don’t you think maybe the truth is just a little more important, and a little more worth your time and money, than “Mirror, Mirror”? Or is it because you’re afraid to look in the mirror and see the reflection of indifference and complacency? What did the character of Su Yin say in Love Is a Many Splendored Thing when the communist doctor angrily urged her to look in the mirror and see the truth? “Maybe that’s the difference between us,” she replies. “You look in the mirror and see truth. But I do not think think it shows the truth; it is an illusion.  For in the mirror, everything is backwards. What is left is right and what is right is left.”


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