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Friday, March 09, 2012

Heroes in Their Own Minds

Every kid - well, almost every kid - wants to be a hero. Heroics require super strength, great moral character, a crisis that needs to be solved, a sense of duty, and some self-sacrifice on the part of the hero for the greater good.

Environmentalism seemingly meets all those criteria. If you want to save the planet - a great crisis our children are told by their teachers - obviously you have a great moral character and a sense of duty. Children have a super power, over their parents at least, of emotional manipulation. Some of their more useful tools are nagging and crying, and making parents feel guilty. All that is left is to sacrifice their future freedom and individuality for the common good and nobility is theirs.

Each classroom in America is a nursery cult. All the ingredients for brainwashing and manipulation - soft power, Liberals like to call it - are there. The students are more or less unwilling captives, separated from their parents and families. The teacher has supreme authority and the children are crowded into an institutionalized setting with extremely limited freedom. They are one of 25 or 30, with their classmates happily exerting peer pressure upon any individual who diverts from the path of progress. In short, the individual is outnumbered.

The students must rely on their teacher for all the information and facts, with no resource to contradictory information or views, other than those they bring with them. If the child wants a good grade and to “get along” they must parrot what they’re taught.

The environmentalists paint the present world in gloomy shades of soot and ash and capitalistic human beings as the chief villains but promise children a brighter future with primary color rainbows, birds singing, and cute baby animals nestled against their mothers if they follow the environmentalists‘ agenda. Never mind that Cute Knut (the polar bear) grew up to be Knut the Brute and that his favorite food is cute little baby seals. Too much information for the tender little minds.

Not many kids are courageous enough or even informed enough to take on a teacher, that authority figure who has such immense power over the child’s grade and future. Suburban children are taught from kindergarten on to sit quietly and listen, to raise their hands if they have a question, but to volunteer no comments or contrary views.

Children who “disrupt” the classroom are frequently made an example of and sent to the corner or the social worker’s office. Parents are called into stacked meetings in the principal’s office to intimidate them into controlling their intelligent child’s rebelliousness. One teacher (or was it social worker) advised my mother that Big Brother was retarded for questioning the teacher about the year Lindbergh hopped the Atlantic. It was 1927. The teacher marked him wrong.

Several generations have been manipulated into believing that capitalism is evil, that the planet is in danger, that human beings are evil and nature is benign, and that freedom is selfish. Yesterday’s brainwashed children became the next day’s pot-smoking adolescents, who became today’s voters. This is what freedom is up against.

Cult deprogrammers have stated just how difficult it is to rescue a child or young adult from the clutches of a cult. The ACLU has defended these victims not from the cults but from the families who tried to rescue them. Rescuers were charged as criminals for using physical force to remove the victims from the cult environment. Families had to go so far as to declare their relatives mentally incompetent in order to stop them from donating all their savings to the cult.

If these children of the environmental cult were simply planning to go off somewhere by themselves to live in Rainbow Land, or on some Rainbow Planet, no one would care. The sooner they go, the better. This cult intends to take over this planet, and involve all of us in their scheme to control every facet of our lives, as well as redistributing our money. Oh yes, wealth redistribution is a stated goal in their literature. The evil italists must be defeated.

They begin with reasonable arguments - soil and water conservation. They offer mildly onerous solutions, such as regulated showerheads and low-flow toilets. Having gained the silent assent of the majority, they take advantage of the inertia and lack of suspicion to advocate for complete regulation. You will be crammed into high-density urban centers, living on top of one another, with the guarantee that you will enjoy the common spaces that you share with your neighbors, that you will only be allotted so much water, food, and electricity and suffer yourself to accept these sacrifices for the common, and that you will be a hero for doing so, even though you are a horrible, wasteful human being.

Naturally. I live in one of those medium-to-high density condominium centers. Our list of rules is 25 to 30 pages long. Towards Sustainble Growth brags of the 5,500 pages of regulations they inflicted on a southern California town, preventing the use of lighter fluid and lawn blowers. We have common areas which no one uses, except the most bullying of neighbors who intimidate the other neighbors into scurrying back inside their units.

Riding a bicycle would be very nice; this is a flat town. Only there’s no place to store the bike. It’s sitting in the basement with flat tires because it’s too heavy to haul up the stairs. The town has long-term plans to tear up the main street of town, narrow it to prevent car traffic and force everyone to live in four-story apartment buildings.

Be assured, they will not use the common areas, unless they’re drug dealers. They certainly won’t venture out in the evenings. They will go to work, come home, swelter in their air-conditionless apartments, watch tv, eat foods they hate, and bicker with their spouses.

The environmentalists wax nobly on the elimination of cars and air-conditioners. What do they plan to do about those greatest of all wasters of water and/or electricity - the dishwasher and the clothes dryer? Well, of course, there will be Laundromats that will eat away at whatever savings the workers might have after their wealth is redistributed. But what about the dishwashers? Let’s hear the environmentalists explain that to their main base of support - women; how they’ll be making a noble sacrifice by washing their own dishes and standing in line at the Laundromat.

What the Pill began in discouraging child-bearing will be completely by apartment living. The Sustainables note the success they had in Berkeley, Calif., in decreasing water usage. Berkeley, which is a liberal college town where citizens haven’t had time yet to propagate the species, if they ever intended to, given the inducement of brainwashing.

The Liberals are very unhappy about the push-back they’ve been receiving, especially since the advent of the Tea Parties. According to Glenn Beck, they want to outlaw home-schooling. That is a sure sign that we’re gaining ground.

Never mind rescuing the planet, parents of America. You need to rescue your children. Begin planning your intervention now, while you still have time. Those with teenagers will have a more difficult job of deprogramming their children. Parents who have younger children need to instill in them a distrust of their teachers before they ever cross the threshold of the schoolhouse for the first time.

We may be a little late, but no one can say we haven’t learned our lesson about the environmentalists. Teach your children that the real heroes are those who speak up for freedom.


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