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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, R.I.P.

The Conservative blogging world mourns the loss of Andrew Breitbart who died unexpectedly from natural causes on March 1, 2012 in Los Angeles.  A bystander saw him collapse while on a walk in Brentwood shortly after midnight and called paramedics, who rushed him to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was declared dead.

Breitbart was an enterprising website entrepreneur who courageously took on controversies, such as the Anthony Weiner.  He used his Internet savvy to create a family of websites, including Big Journalism and Big, and of course,

Breitbart grew up in Los Angeles and was a typical, young Hollywood Liberal.  While he was waiting tables to earn money for college, he met Conservative actor Orson Bean.  Bean asked him if he listened to Rush Limbaugh.  Breitbart asked why he should.  Bean told him, but Breitbart didn’t believe him.  As he was watching the Clarence Thomas hearings, he had a political epiphany and became a Conservative.

Breitbart was a great supporter of the Tea Partiers and traveled around the country, speaking to hometown audiences – Breitbart, who was once part of the elite, speaking to average people.  He eventually married Bean’s daughter, Susannah in 1997 and had four children.

Breitbart’s voice was silenced when we needed him most.  God only knows His reasons for taking him from us, but as God is always Right, we must do our best to carry on Breitbart’s awesome work.  Thanks to Breitbart, many bloggers were inspired to put their words into electronic print.

God bless you, Andrew, and rest in peace.


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