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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Perfect RINO

National Conservatives are shocked - shocked! - to learn that New Jersey Gov. Christie is a purple RINO - a straight-down-the-middle Moderate. Who knew?

Well, actually we who live in the Garden State, and especially those of us with friends on his campaign staff, knew. No one would believe us, though - not even friends in the Tea Parties. They believe it now that they’ve seen it in black and red: Christie’s proposed 2012-2013 state budget. The Bergen Record hailed the budget “as an approach representing the nexus of Liberalism and Conservatism: a recognition of the state’s role to protect its most vulnerable and the responsibility to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.”

In other words, there’s something for everybody in Christie’s proposed budget, including “the highest-ever payments for education aid and public sector pensions” and “new funding for programs that support the elderly and disabled” with “a restructured state government to serve them.”

When in doubt, roll out, on cue, the elderly and disabled veterans in their wheelchairs. You’ll be so busy feeling guilty, you won’t notice the parade of government pensioners pushing the wheelchairs, fat and happy and tanned from extended vacations in Florida.

The trouble with Socialism and its Liberal propagators is in the definition of “vulnerable” and its use of superlatives. They say “the most vulnerable” when what they really mean is the “more vulnerable”. Those distinctions are the difference between the pryamid of Capitalism and the economic, rectangular coffin of Socialism.

If you were to take all those “vulnerable people” and stack them in a pyramid, the most vulnerable, the neediest would be at the top. The “more vulnerable” would be in the middle, and the general, “vulnerable herd” would be at the bottom. In this case, “more” is quite a lot “more” than “most.” Lump them all together, and you have the Socialist vulnerable half of society, with the other half on the bottom carrying them along.

As for The Bergen Record’s “recognition of the state’s role,” it’s role should be minimal, at best. But give voters the opportunity to vote themselves freebies and entitlements and throw in some politicians eager to “help” them, and you have the recipe for Big Government; in this case, a big state government.

All the governor’s accountants, and all the governor’s PR specialists will not to be able to rein in this bureaucratic leviathan; not with jobs fleeing the state, and the state’s least vulnerable fleeing right behind them.

Gov. Christie is an unabashed, spit-in-everyone’s-eye Moderate RINO. We told you so.


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