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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Obama is a Pill

Obama and the Liberals just don’t know when to quit.  The FDA approved the Birth Control Pill for use by married women, formally and scientifically known as the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP), in 1965, and all women in 1972.  The Catholic Church and other Conservative religious organizations disapproved of all contraceptives, but as the Pill’s popularity grew, they still disapproved but looked the other way.

Then along came a new abortifacient drug, the Morning After Pill.  If a couple used one of the many various contraception methods and it failed, this abortifacient, RU-486 was available as an extremely early-term pregnancy abortifacient, though it could be used at any point.  Many women were relieved.  The Conservatives and their Churches were alarmed, and rightly so.

Obama has mandated that all contraceptives, in all their forms, be included in the taxpayer funded universal health care plan, as well as the abortifacient.  Make no mistake, ladies.  RU-486 is an abortifacient.  You can ease your conscience by saying that no doctor has confirmed a pregnancy, but you’re taking this drug on the assumption that you are pregnant.  Once the little sperm and the little egg meet up, wishful thinking won’t undo the truth.  Life has begun its journey.  It may not be ready for primetime, but it’s there.

As long as you understand that, what you do after that is your decision.  Whether you and your man decide to abstain, use traditional contraceptive methods (the kind you can purchase in a drug store), prescription contraceptives, permanent surgical methods (tubal ligation, etc. – men aren’t crazy about the et cetera), or go further, is between you, your man, and God.

The government would have us leave God and the man out of it.  Both are wrong.  God and the man concerned should be involved in this decision.  One party who should absolutely not be involved is the government, and when contraception becomes a legislative matter for the government, that involves the rest of us.  You’ve just invited some 250 million people into your bedroom and asked them to pay for the solution to your problems.

Obama needs to get out of our medicine cabinets and out of our bedrooms.  It’s one thing if people want to engage in family planning; it’s another thing to ask the taxpayers to foot the bill.  If you don’t want the stork on your doorstep, that’s okay.  If we adhere to Obama’s mandate, the U.S. Postal Service will be, all delivery charges paid care of your neighbors.

Most of us don’t have a problem with contraception, although not enough research has been published about how effective it really is or when or if it actually prevents a pregnancy or is apt to terminate one after it has commenced….   Maybe that’s a question we don’t want answered.  We do our best not to make mistakes.

With all those options, it’s hard to understand why, in this day and age, abortion is necessary.  That’s why people are increasingly opposed to it.  Call it by its right name – murder.  We don’t need to hear about a woman’s “right to choose” when so many earlier options were before the woman seeking an abortion.  Except in extreme cases, this hideous operation should be banned.

A ban would satisfy the wacko Pro-Lifers who bomb abortion clinics and threaten doctors.  Doctors would probably be more willing to perform the operation knowing that the patient wasn’t in his or her office for a “cosmetic” abortion.  It’s long past time we reversed Roe v. Wade.  RVW was a decision that need never have been inflicted upon our society, given that practically in the same year, the birth control pill became widely available.

The conventional Pill may not be the greatest option as far as Conservatives or Liberals are concerned.  But it is the most humane choice between two extremes, as long as the parties involved take the ethical and financial responsibility upon themselves and not burden others with it.


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