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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Discouraging Word

Listening to Michelle Bachmann’s interview with Fox News’ Mike Wallace did not exactly inspire Conservative confidence in the self-appointed Tea Party representative.  When he asked her, more than once, if she would compromise with the Democrats if she became President of the United States, she waltzed and danced around the question.

Finally, when he pressed yet again, she responded through pressed lips, that she would.  She added that unless we had a more balanced Senate and House of Representatives, she wouldn’t have much choice.  Ronald Reagan was faced with Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress and it is said that he, too, compromised.  But he never used the words nor hailed a compromise with the Liberals as some sort of “victory” for the union.

A huge government is gradually replacing the evil corporate raiders the Media and educators have taught young American students to revile.  They leave a good deal unsaid in their criticisms of the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers, such as the farmers and tradesmen of Colonial America understood that governing was an enormous job, but that their federal representatives  would only be acting on the country’s behalf in a very few, limited areas, and at all in their individual lives.  Local and state communities were left to govern for themselves within their borders.  And that was okay.

Politics are still local but that isn’t too say that the average person isn’t knowledgeable about or interested in foreign affairs, or that they can’t comprehend the issues.  On the other hand, there are all too many intellectually lazy people who only want to be left in peace to mow their lawns, make cupcakes for the church bake sale, and play with their kids.  Their attitude is:  let the whole government take over the whole shooting match.  Who cares?

Well, the problem is issues like Smart Development/Agenda 21, the banning of everything from peanut butter to incandescent light bulbs, the skyrocketing debt which has its source in overfunded entitlement programs, zero percent interest rates for which taxpayers will foot the bill.  The list is endless.

We (the Tea Parties) must take that list to the sleepyheads in our communities, pry their eyes open if necessary, and get them to understand that our freedom is going away.  We’ve got to make them understand that there’s nothing “selfish” about freedom.

We must disabuse them of the notion that they must “compromise,” that they must go along to get along in the interest of the “greater community.”  Socialism is not going to bring happiness to anyone (except the elite Socialist leaders).  Great Britain is a socialist nation.  Do they look happy to anyone?  Did the Polish immigrant who had to leap from her burning apartment building look “happy”?  Socialism is about the surest way to guarantee the growth of “selfishness” that can be found in the philosophy books.

The “common people” want to turn their heads while our country is being destroyed.  We must make them look.  They must take responsibility for it, one way or the other.   We must let them know that a shrug of the shoulders is just not going to do.  Neither is name-calling.  But if they wish it, then let it be so.  We’re not crazy – they’re lazy.  We have every right to demand that they stand up with us to defend our country.  That’s what this is all about after all – shifting the burden on to those who are willing to work.

Why we gave up on the rallies, I’ll never know, except that the work fell to a few who naturally got tired.  When you get it right down to it, getting out in our communities is the only way you’re going to reach them, and the message must be strong and to the point.  No dilly-dallying about being “non-partisan.”  In our area, there’s a local store that sells Tea Party bumper stickers.  You can probably find them on the Internet.  Buy some and stick them on your car.  Stick them our family’s cars.

Get yourself some Tea Party tee and sweatshirts.  One enterprising group of ladies uses sticky notes when they go shopping.  The Morristown Tea Party sells patriotic buttons on their website.  Be creative.  Get the message out to these people:  we are through “compromising”.


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