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Friday, August 12, 2011

Arguing with Little Hypocrites

Tomorrow, as you’re doing your Saturday morning chores – mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows, doing the laundry and so forth – and enjoying the peace and quiet of your suburban neighborhoods, chatting with your neighbors, and just generally minding your own business, you might want to give a thought to Smart Communities.

On the Fujita scale of socialist tornados, this program ranks about a ten and its heading your way to tear up your homes, and whisk away your cars, washers and dryers, your swimming pools, and yes, even your air conditioners.

All on your time, and the chances are, your town council is already a signatory to this Granddaddy of all socialist, redistribute-the-wealth, save-the-planet, and brainwash-your-kids government programs.  The Socialists know how bitterly affluent America would oppose this program.  My town has signed onto it.

Communities throughout America are implementing the global political-economic program generally known as “Sustainable Development.”  Sustainable Development is the action plan being used Across America and around the world to implement the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program.  At its 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the U.N. publicly launched the global movement known as “Agenda 21”, another of its many deceptive nom de guerres.

Maurice Strong, the Secretary General of the Earth Summit conference said,  “…current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

According to, “178 nations signatories to the 288-page Agenda 21,” including the United States, with President George H.W. Bush signing on behalf of our country.  “Since Agenda 21 was ‘soft law’ and not a treaty, Congress had no role to perform.  Instead, the cabinet agencies of the Executive branch of the government were charged with implementing this ‘global to local’ program.

“In 1993, President Bill Clinton established, by Executive Order, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.”  Since then, “every cabinet agency has undertaken its role in advancing Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy in the U.S.”

Among Sustainable Development’s goals are:

·         The gradual abolition of private property, primarily through the implementation of the Wildlands Project and Smart Growth
·         Education of youth to prepare them for global citizenship
·         Control and ultimate reduction of human population

Sustain Development’s propaganda would not be complete without symbols to herd the sheep in the right direction.  They adhered to the three E’s:  Equity, Economy and Environment

·         Equity means to restructure human nature and to enforce that restructure by shifting our system of justice from one that adheres to the principle of equal justice and unalienable rights to one that implements the concept of “social justice.”
·         Economy means shifting from free enterprise to “public-private partnerships” in which the government controls the means of production and labor and the enterprise receives its “profits from the government, meaning the taxpayer.  It also means establishment of a global economy where goods “freely” cross national borders in order to redistribute financial, natural and human resources in order to “equalize” the income distribution within and between nations.
·         Environment means giving plants, animals and even inanimate objects status equal to or even greater than rights of human beings

Smart Growth development standards will be implemented in every metropolitan area, including concentration of high-rise living, “mixed use” buildings (in Holland, senior apartment housing is built over shopping malls), “walkable communities with mass transit and bicycle trails.

Implementation of the Wildlands Project will include destruction of dams, closure of roads, the prohibition of resource extraction including timber and oil, centralized control over water, and other “mechanisms” designed to force people into Smart Growth communities.

The financial meltdown was no coincidence; the plan has long been in place, since at least 1977 with the Community Reinvestment Act.  Homeowners were lured into buying large homes at very low interest rates that would be beyond their ability to pay off in the event of an economic downturn.  Meanwhile, our government bureaucrats have been taxing our businesses and our jobs away.  Eventually, homeowners will be forced into smaller condo units, with no property and very little equity.

Meanwhile, an educational system operated from Washington mandates child assessment instead of child testing.  The program is designed to brainwash children into accepting global citizenship.  New technology will lead to the passage of regulations that allows monitoring of individual activity.

Finally, the government will create what Freedom Advocates calls “a funny money” system where all money is created out of thin air (with no backing by any precious metal) and managed by globalist bankers.  Money will be issued to government, business and individuals as debt owing back to the globalist bankers.  The concentration of profits from this world-wide scam will finance the conditions necessary to advance Sustainable Development and world governance.  Under Sustainable Development, the recognition of the right to life, liberty, and property will vanish.

Right now, the average American doesn’t have to worry about the government controlling their lives; their own children are doing a very professional job of leading parents around by the nose.  Just as my own parents predicted, the Communists would use clueless children, with their inherent nagging power, to transform the family unit and get it marching to the Progressive beat.

That’s the first thing Americans must and can change.  When little Emily or Matthew comes home with the agenda, the first thing you need to do is tear it up.  Children have been trained to tag after their parents, reminding them to turn off lights, save water, and so forth.  These are reminders Conservative parents need.  The time has come to turn the tables on your little Nanny State Naggers.  If you can’t outthink a 5th grader, you need to go back to school yourself.  Here are some comeback tips:

Kid:  We’ve got to recycle!
Parent:  You’re absolutely right.  You can start wearing your older brother/sister’s hand-me-downs.

Kid:  We’ve got to conserve water!
Parent:  Yeah, you know, we’ve been thinking the same thing.  So we’re getting rid of the swimming pool.

Kid:  We’ve got to stop using fossil fuels!
Parent:  You think so?  Well, okay.  I’ll call Coach Smith and tell him you’re dropping out of soccer.  [And start dialing].

Kid:  We’ve got to clean up the planet!
Parent:  We sure do.  By the way,  have you cleaned your room?  Go clean your room right now and then we’ll talk about your ideas for saving the planet.

Kid:  The icebergs are melting and the polar bears are dying!
Parent:  Hmm.  That reminds me, did you remember to put water in Max’s water dish?

Kid:  We’re wasting electricity!
Parents:  That’s right.  Go shut off the TV and do your homework.  You got a C in math last semester.

Kid:  We’ve got to save the animals!
Parents:  Good.  Here’s the brush.  Go brush Fluffy.  She’s shedding.

Kid:  We don’t really need this big house.  We should live in a condo.
Parents:  Really?  Well, you’ll have to decide who you want share your room with, Bobby or Jane.  You’ll have to share your computer with them, too, and we’ll have to get rid of the plasma tv.  It’s not going to fit.  We’ll probably have to get rid of your x-box as well.

There was a reason why couples in the 1960s moved out to the suburbs:  crime.  Living in densely populated areas is dangerous and psychologically damaging.  The crowded conditions lead to more aggression, violence, and depression.  The kids who don’t join gangs, cower in their apartments/condos, afraid to go out.  That leads to more eating and less exercise, and overweight kids.  And adults.

Living that way also leads to groupthink.  There is no separation between neighbors and privacy goes out the window.  What does Glenn Beck say in one of his filler spots about living in a NYC apartment and meeting the head of GE on the elevator?  Instead of taking this enemy of capitalism and individual freedom on, Glenn squeaks like a mouse to himself.  His radio cohorts lambaste him for not “standing his ground” but Glenn does finally manage some sort of meek comeback.

Residents living in condos can tell you that the association boards have a host of rules about what residents can and cannot do such as hanging flags out, that home and property owners can.  This is about the destruction of the individual, transforming man into a mechanical cog to serve the purposes of the greater society.

And when that cog can no longer serve society’s purposes, they’ll just shut off  the air conditioning.  That’s certainly one way of getting rid of the pesky, hobbitish Tea Partier, who are mostly older people (at the moment).  This is one of the most alarming elements in the Sustainable Growth program:  “control and ultimate reduction of the human population.”

One of the reasons China has a huge workforce and we don’t is Sustainable Growth.  Back in the Sixties, these organizers called it “Zero Population Growth.”  They also used Women’s Liberation to encourage women to have careers instead of children.  Not being able to completely eliminate the natural urge to procreate, they started setting up daycare centers, where the children could be indoctrinated at ever younger ages.  The reduction in population also means a reduction in the workforce.  There aren’t enough workers to make production profitable in this country.  Businesses are fleeing to countries like China and India, where it is.

You can find these plans in the 150-some year old Communist Manifesto.  When you’re going through your checklist of chores tomorrow, take a look at the Communist checklist as well.  Then turn off your TV, cancel your kid’s soccer meet, and attend the town council meeting instead.


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