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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Republican Roulette

It’s early on in the Presidential run for 2012. But why are Republicans having such a problem coming up with viable candidates? Is it really that hard to produce an honest, reliable, conservative, virtuous candidate? Do you mean to say we can’t come up a single person able to measure up against the so-called “stature” of a socialist, cheerleading, community organizer who’s driving us into debt? Whose only claim to fame prior to becoming president was seven years as a state senator, and something like 143 days, total, was it as a U.S. Senator? Who needs the help of questionable billionaires to manipulate the economy for him in order to win.

Virtue seems to be the stumbling block to winning for the Republicans (e/g, Ahnold Schwarzenegger.  Luckily, he wouldn't have been eligible to run for president anyway). Donald Trump, until he took up the Birther issue, was the leading candidate. You have to give Trump credit for nerve. He did get Obama to produce the long-form birth certificate. But a not-too in-depth investigation revealed that Trump, ever the savvy businessman, has been in bed with the other side.

Mitt Romney is your classic, limousine candidate.  He looks presidential.  But he passed healthcare in ultra-liberal Massachusetts which makes his candidacy problematic for conservatives.  He's also Mormon.  What the big deal about that is hard to figure.  When JFK was running, religious voters were upset that he was Catholic and that the American people might be forced to bow to the Pope.  As it turns out, given Kennedy's proclivities for women, we were in absolutely no danger.  No wonder Ah-nold wanted to be a Kennedy.  As for Romney, it's all about the health care.

Mike Huckabee announced on his Fox News show that he would not be running. He had a full-term governorship in his plus-column. But there were also accusations that he accepted a speaking fee and travel expenses from a non-profit group while lieutenant-governor. Still, he was elected and re-elected governor of Arkansas. Still, he’s declined to run for president on moral grounds. Pundits say he’s doing well in his television show and has no need for the strife.

Rudy Giuliani would be another contender. He was America’s mayor on 9/11. He suffered through one divorce, from a distant cousin, and second, noisier divorce. Ronald Reagan was divorced and Bill Clinton admitted to an adulterous affair during his tenure as president, right in the Oval Office. So don’t talk to me about Giuliani. He is also pro-abortion and neither problem sits well with religiously conservative voters.

Newt Gingrich is another candidate who comes with hefty marital baggage and more accusations over speaking fees. He led the Republican revolution, but he also made nice with the Liberals and that’s a negative for the Tea Party Republicans. If he can explain himself, he might possibly have a chance.

Sarah Palin, it has already been noted, will not be running. She’d be the perfect candidate. The baggage the Liberal media claims she’s carrying is bogus; they’re the ones, it turns out, who packed her bags. Turns out, she went from school to school for financial, not academic, reasons. Let’s see Obama’s college transcripts. Then we’ll talk. However, she has a large, young family, some of whom (namely Bristol) are an image problem for her. But no one should ever have their adolescent children held against them. No one held the Bush twins against George W. For Palin, family has to come first. For now. Her biggest problem was resigning her governorship before completing her term. I understand the reasons, but it doesn’t look good on a presidential resume.

Chris Christie. He’s everyone’s favorite governor, from New Jersey, no less (take note, Glenn Beck). But he doesn’t want to make the mistake Sarah Palin made. He has to at least complete his first term. New Jersey isn’t through making a mess of itself. If we wind up putting another Democrat senate and assembly into office this coming year, we’re going to need him. His family needs him, too. Again, like Palin, he has a young family, and he and they are just not ready for the rigors of presidential life.

The rest of the pack include some promising candidates including Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul. Most of them, except for Paul, are not yet household names. As your average pol-watcher, I can tell you names don’t mean much. In Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox’s future grandfather says, “Who the hell is John F. Kennedy?” That pretty much sums up the average voter’s knowledge of candidates. As a young voter, I knew Ronald Reagan had been the governor of California, but only because the television news smeared his name as often as they could. I had no idea who Jimmy Carter was, or the George Bushes, or Bill Clinton. I’d never heard of any of the also-rans, either.

You can be sure that all today’s young Liberal voters will know is the name the Democrats put up for them, kind of like an “Applause” sign during a television show. Let’s hope what young voters the Republicans can boast of do their homework on this election a little better.


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