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Friday, May 13, 2011

Hail, Obama?!

"L’etat, c’est moi”  King Louis XIV

[Post meant for May 12]

 I mean, I’m really grateful to SEAL Team Six, the CIA, and yes, even Pres. Obama, for taking Osama Bin Laden out quickly and efficiently.  But crown Obama with laurel leaves?   Blindly grant him the powers of a dictator?  Are they serious?

We got this news announcement from the North N.J. Tea Party Group.  Checking it out now on Google, just to make sure.  Okay, so Sean Hannity has it on his site and it’s on

The Senate Homeland Committee has submitted bill S.679:  The Presidential Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011, which would reduce the number of executive positions (presidential appointments) subject to Senate confirmation.  The bill’s main sponsor is New York Sen. Charles E. Schumer, who introduced the proposed legislation on March 30, 2011.  Fifteen other senators, including seven (!) Republicans, co-sponsored it:

Lamar Alexander [R-TN]
Jeff Bingaman [D-NM]
Richard Blumenthal [D-CT]
Scott Brown [R-MA]
Thomas Carper [D-DE]
Susan Collins [R-ME]
Richard Durbin [D-IL]
Mike Johanns [R-NE]
Jon Kyl [R-AZ]
Joseph Lieberman [I-CT]
Richard Lugar [R-IN]
Mitch McConnell [R-KY]     
John Reed [D-RI]
Harry Reid [D-NV]
Sheldon Whitehouse [D-RI]

S. 679 would reduce the number of Presidential appointees that require Senate confirmation and establish a working group to consider ways to streamline the Presidential appointment process.
The bill would reduce the number of Presidential appointees requiring Senate confirmation from about 1,200 (excluding judges) to around 1,000. The legislation also would eliminate the statutory requirement that the Senate confirm several thousand commissioned officers of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

CBO expects that enacting the bill could reduce the workloads of certain federal employees; however, because those employees would probably be retained and assigned other tasks, we estimate that implementing the legislation would lead to a negligible reduction in spending subject to appropriation.
The legislation also would establish a working group to examine the process for conducting background investigations of Presidential appointees and study ways to streamline paperwork associated with the appointment process. Because the working group would be staffed by existing government employees and unpaid experts, CBO estimates that implementing this provision would have no significant cost.

Since the Senate is already governed by the Democrats, who would give a Democrat president a pass on his nominees anyway, it certainly would be most convenient to just to dispense with all those formalities.  If the Republicans should gain the Senate, it would just do away with all that nasty bickering.  No need for checks and balances.  The president would simply have carte blanche to appoint czars to his most critical interests:  health care (the Public Health Service) and the environment (NOAA).

No accountability, no transparency, no background checks, no security clearance, no credentials, no responsibility.  No one will be able to question them, criticize them, and certainly no one will dare to defy them or the president.  It’s eerily similar to FDR when he tried to stuff the Supreme Court.  This will dwarf Roosevelt’s usurpation of power.  Obama is creating his own bureaucratic army.

Why did these seven Republicans sign on, though?  I certainly get Scott Brown and Susan Collins.  We know them to be RINOs.  What about the other five?  The committee signed on the dotted line on April 13; two weeks later, they were feeding Bin Laden to the fish.  Is this the price we had to pay to get Bin Laden?  Is this the deal – Obama would deliver Osama’s head, but then we would have to crown Obama’s head with the laurel leaves of Julius Caesar?

The pundits were right when they said Obama’s Osama Bump would be short-lived.  The only bump Obama is going to have is the one on his head from patting his own crown too often.  We must oppose this bill at all costs.  It’s time for the Tea Parties to do what they do best – get on the phone, the fax, the e-mail and tell Congress:

You can show your opposition to this bill on the new website
S. 679: Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 (


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