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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Freedom Connection

Glenn Beck’s website has offered Tea Partiers and other patriotic organizers a service they were cheated out of, I believe, last summer. Up until then, there was a clearinghouse website were patriotic-minded citizens could hook up and share ideas on the Internet.

But then, some unknown entity declared that the mission of the Tea Party needed to change, that they needed to go national, and to go beyond the rallies. The website was usurped and state by state, the sites were shut down and the people were disconnected from one another.

Glenn says that last year representatives from Freedom Works paid him a visit. They told him they had an idea for a website “clearinghouse” for Tea Parties and other groups interested in fiscal responsibility and limited government. They called it the Freedom Connector.

The site is exclusively for organizational use. They’re not interested in running anything or shutting anyone down. It’s all about us and for my part, I highly recommend it. We have a double safeguard of Freedom Works and Glenn Beck to see that we’re not shut down again.

I remember chatting online with a woman from a California. She lived in the L.A. area and wanted to know if there were any Tea Parties there. I told her about the existing site, at the time. But when I checked it out myself, it had already been commandeered. All the information for someone interested in getting involved was gone.

It’s not just about the Tea Parties (although we began the whole thing) but any of the off-shoot groups following a specific interest like education reform or Second Amendment Rights, or limited government.

Here’s the link:

Sign up as soon as you can. They provide a very interesting map. There are lots of resources on the East Coast and it’s growing across America. (Glenn just has to put it somewhere where it’s constantly visible and doesn’t disappear). Put this link in your favorites and e-mail it to all your like-minded friends.


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