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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This is It

Election Day has arrived. This is the do-or-keep-doing moment for Tea Partiers, Conservatives, and every American who truly cares about freedom. We’ve worked hard these last 18 months, standing up for our convictions that the principles set down by our country’s Founding Fathers have truth and meaning.

Now we find out how many of our fellow Americans share those convictions and how many of them are Americans-in-Name-Only, standing by those privileges granted to them by the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Emancipation Proclamation, the American flag, and the blood of all those who died to preserve the freedom set forth in those documents and symbolized by that flag, yet despising that very freedom that singles America out from every other nation on Earth.

Was it all worth it? Or are there only weeds in the brains of the garden of humankind? An animal avidity for the material, for what they can get for nothing, what they can manipulate, what they can steal? Freedom is a privilege, not a right to be granted without loyalty to the country that bestows it, allegiance to the flag that champions it, or gratitude to the God whose grace permits us to live in peace and freedom.

How many of us will exercise that one right we possess, as a civilized nation, to determine our destiny. We each have a choice, for right or for wrong, and there is right and wrong in this world. The wrong way is tyranny and oppression, punishing success, legislating away liberty, and silencing criticism. The right way is freedom. Understand that one word, and you understand everything. Dismiss it, mock it, abuse it, ignore it, destroy it, and you’re no longer a true American; it’s that simple.

Make your choice today, and best of luck to those candidates who are champions of freedom.


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