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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Where in the World is Eric Holder?

“We wanted him and now we’ve got him – and all the baggage that goes with him.” Executive Decision

It’s kind of like asking, “Where’s Waldo?” Where is Eric Holder? Why isn’t he in Arizona, securing our borders from illegal immigrants? Or in Washington, questioning Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan?

Or maybe he should be overseeing the Blagjovich trial? Or investigating the Russian spy ring? Or Al Gore’s sexual misconduct in Spokane, Wash.?

But no. According the U.K. Telegraph, Holder is in Kabul, Afghanistan for a conference improving law enforcement ties and battling corruption. Lawyers with the Justice Department have been posted in Kabul to train Afghan prosecutors and police that investigate drugs and narcotics-related offences, such as corruption and money laundering, the statement read.

US Federal Bureau of Investigations agents in Afghanistan "support counterterrorism efforts and intelligence gathering as well as Afghanistan's Major Crimes Task Force, which focuses on anti-kidnapping, anti-corruption, and other organized crime."

Meanwhile, Mexican drug mules are hee-hawing all over the place as they flit back and forth across our southern border with illegal drugs. As soon as he returns, Obama is going to have Holder sue the state of Arizona for upholding the country’s illegal immigration laws.

Who are they kidding? What’s this guy really doing in Afghanistan? Maybe they’re worried that bounty hunter guy who has vowed to capture Osama Bin Laden will actually succeed and make fools of them all.

Goodness. What would they do if they actually captured Bin Laden? Alive? They’d have to put him on trial. But where? Where would they incarcerate him until they figured that out? They still don’t know where to try his lieutenant, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. What are they going to do with the Big O himself?

This bounty hunter is on the loose. Pakistan kicked him out, but he didn’t actually commit any crime, so he’s free to return to the hunt. It would be a public relations disaster, not to mention create an international incident if the bounty hunter actually brought Osama back to the United States for justice.

Holder must be over there in Afghanistan assuring the locals that their Muslim hero is safe, vowing that the Bounty Hunter will never be permitted to set foot in any Middle Eastern country again.

Bribing corrupt Afghani and Pakistani officials is more economical, practical, and less embarrassing to than paying a $50 million bounty to this independent hunter to bring back someone the government doesn’t really want to capture.

The problem with Afghanistan is it just doesn’t have a criminal justice system to handle Bin Laden. If we could just set them up with one, they could have all the glory of capturing, trying, and imprisoning Osama Bin Laden, and save us the trouble.

There are too many Americans who still remember 9/11, are scandalized over the proposed World Trade Center Mosque (named for the Muslim-conquered city of Cordoba), and would love to see a public execution of KSM and Bin Laden – together.

No one wants the trial in New York City, but probably no one would mind seeing them swing from some appropriate yard arm, say from the Brooklyn Bridge or the GW or just from a scaffold at Ground Zero.

Such fantasies are way too dangerous politically, however. So Holder has had to get himself over to Afghanistan to head things off at the Kyber Pass, make peace with the Muslim world, a make certain Osama Bin Laden is never, ever brought to justice in the United States of Ame


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