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Thursday, June 17, 2010

EPA - Environmental Politics Agency

Thanks to Michelle Malkin’s column and her reader for revealing the details about the Dutch plan to contain the oil spill.

I knew it. I just knew the EPA was somehow involved in the delay, that they had some idiotic objection to the containment. Billions of gallons of oil are flooding into the Gulf of Mexico and they’re worried about some minor seepage.

Well, guess what? There was an another oil spill from another Gulf rig about a month before this one. They capped it with a dome. However, there is some minor seepage coming from that cap, as tight as they were able to make it.

As I’ve said earlier, oil companies have been at this business for years. The last thing they want is to lose billions of gallons of liquid gold. Forget about oil-drenched sea lions and pelicans. Let’s assume they’re heartless, capitalist monsters. They still don’t want to lose all those profits and they’re going to do whatever it takes to preserve it.

The government on the other hand, not so much. For them the ends justifies the means. While they’re pitchmen are showing us helpless water fowl, the sharks are circling the hapless – or not so hapless, remember the Goldman Sachs executives during the financial “crisis” – oil company executives. My former employer, Exxon, for its part, is not taking this lying down, and good for them.

What are a few water fowl when you’re planning on conquering the entire planet and transforming it to your socially-engineered agenda? What better way to conquer than to claim that capitalist monsters are “exploiting” its resources and polluting its atmosphere?

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show yesterday that he didn’t think there was any sabotage involved. Certainly, there’s no evidence of it. Sabotage would be pretty difficult to prove that far down in the ocean. But there was plenty of sabotage going on in South America. Saboteurs were openly blowing up oil pipelines and refineries down there, all in the name of social justice. Nigeria was another hotbed of sabotage.

There was a report from some pre-Homeland Security Department that showed a bar graph of terrorist activity around the world, by continent. North America was low. Europe was low. Asia (the Middle East), well it was up there. And then there was South America. It was the Mount Everest of terrorist activity, towering above the other continents and the activity centered around two issues – drugs and oil.

Then ask yourself what other continent shares the Gulf of Mexico with North America.

Transportation is one of the key control factors the Communists/Socialists/Progressives want to dominate. They know oil is the pivotal ingredient in transportation. They know perfectly well that, for the time being, the internal combustion engine is the prime mover of society, particularly its commercial component.

The market will switch to an “alternative” energy source when it’s good and ready and not before. That won’t happen until the energy source can be proven efficient, plentiful, viable, and reliable.

Someday some future scientists may find a way to harness the power of the wind and the sun, in an efficient manner, invent a way to store it, and manufacture an engine that can be powered by it, and deliver it to homes and businesses to use as heat and electricity.

Only the government wants to be in control of that power source, and there’s the real problem. The government shouldn’t be in control of anything. The only fair way to distribute energy is through the free market. The minute the government becomes involved, politics, corruption, and bureaucracy follow, limiting the very progressive they’ve charged the scientists with inventing. Look again at wow many days it took before the EPA finally allowed the Dutch to come in with their container ships.

Obama has virtually shut down the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. We have to feed the poor first, he says. That’s the job of charities, not the government. If NASA were a free market entity, not only would we have factories on the moon by now, but in a few generations, we’d probably be examining shuttle schedules to the nearest star.

Obama is determined that America will no longer be the greatest nation on the earth. It’s time we threw this albatross overboard. There’s nothing we can do about him right now of course. Impeachment isn’t really a viable course. But we can get rid of his Congressional enablers in November. That should clip his socialist wings until we can throw him overboard in 2012.

Once we can disencumber ourselves of all these big government bureaucracies (and if you want a definition of Big Government, that’s what it means – bureaucracies) holding us back, like the EPA, America can get back to work being the greatest nation on earth.


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