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Monday, June 07, 2010

Freedom of Choice

My mother called me up last week, asking me who she and my brothers should vote for in tomorrow’s primary. It’s a difficult choice for the Conservative voters in District 11.

I’ve met both Rodney Frelinghuysen (through work) and Richard Luzzi through my activities with the Tea Party. Mom drove Mr. Frelinghuysen years ago on a bus tour through Morris County when he was a member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

When someone asked my mother what group she was driving, she blurted out, “The Board of Frozen Cheeseholders!”

Mr. Frelinghuysen is a staunch supporter of the military. He’s been ired by criticism of his acceptance of TARP money, which largely went to Picatinny Arsenal and to other military projects. At a town hall meeting sponsored by my company for the benefit of employees in his district, he defended his acceptance of money with particular fire.

Had she seen it, my mother would have said he was standing on his hind feet. He’s a good, kind man and has served the public for a number of years. However, I wish I could say that at a town hall meeting last summer in Montville he had stood on his hind feet.

What I and other Tea Party members saw was a moderate caving in to the pressure of avowed Democrats. He said he welcomed dialog from all voters in his district and admitted to a long-time correspondence with a Democrat operative in the audience.

When conservative members of audience expressed their dismay, he stated that he had to listen to his constituents. No matter what they stood for.

Mr. Luzzi is not a long-time politician. He’s a businessman from Rockaway. He lives in Cape May, I believe, although apparently he’s since moved. He made long drives for the sake of the Tea Party. Mr. Luzzi had taken over the helm of the Morristown Tea Party in the Spring of 2009, when the group divided after its first rally.

One group wanted to take the path of political activism, the other, voter education. Mr. Luzzi was elected to lead the latter group. Ironically, now he’s running for office, while still the president of the Tea Party.

It gave me pause when trying to advise my mother what to do. But then I thought of the Morristown Tea Party’s rallies. Morristown depends upon the good graces of the board of trustees of the Morristown Green to hold its rallies there.

From the beginning, they wanted the Tea Party to maintain a neutral stance on politics, particularly in regard to immigration. The trustees were being pressured by a local, pro-immigration organization to hold the reins on the Morristown Tea Party.

We were forbidden to broach the subject of immigration. Mr. Luzzi, for his part, kept the bargain. There was plenty for the Tea Party to protest. But when he decided to run for office, apparently, he had an epiphany.

Not having time to attend all the meetings, I haven’t been privy to the MTP’s planning meetings (I could if I wanted to). To my surprise – and delight – when I attended this year’s Tax Day Tea Party on the Morristown Green, it was all about immigration. Anti-illegal immigration, with Luzzi leading the charge.

Anti illegal immigration was on the lips of nearly every speaker. Mr. Luzzi, instead of paying lip service to the voters, his potential constituents, paid lip service to the bureaucrats, and told the audience what they came to hear. He stood up for what they believed.

I believe a man who would do that has a fair chance of keeping his word if sent to Congress. So that’s what I told my mother.

As for me, I live in a different district. My town was absorbed into the Democrat machinery at their last redlining party. Thanks to the chain immigration that has made the cities in our county bastions of loyal, straight-line Democrat voters, we don’t stand a chance. They’ll vote a representative in who will gleefully pick our pockets and make certain that even more people who vote for their way are allowed into the country.

So much for freedom of choice. In poor Bergen County, freedom of choice was abandoned long ago, because Republicans couldn’t win against such numbers. They don’t even try. That’s what’s in store for my district, for District 11, for New Jersey and the rest of the country if we don’t stand up for freedom of choice.


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