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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Shocking Idea

“I meant to kill a turkey and almost killed a goose instead.” Benjamin Franklin, 1750

Glenn Beck is a national treasure; he truly is. He should receive some sort of medal for service to America with his outstanding efforts to educate the American people on their history, their heritage, and the imminent danger they are in of losing their freedom.

But now and then, he displays a disconcerting lack of, shall we say, common sense? In particular, his common sense is unfortunately wanting in regard to the controversy over the 15-story mosque/playland being planned a few blocks from Ground Zero.

According to news reports, this building is well within sight of this tragic landmark, providing an unobstructed view of the blasted-out area. The local zoning board just approved the project and Glenn supports their right to build there on constitutional grounds.

He’s very proud of our nation’s tolerance for all religious beliefs. How can the American public say no to a religious group wanting to build a place of worship (a community center, actually, according to the planners), even if it is near enough to Ground Zero to roast marshmallows?

Citing the intent of the Founding Fathers, he constitutionally welcomes the right of Muslims to worship in America, although even he would be hard pressed to regard suicide bombing as a form of Constitutionally-protected religious worship.

The law is blind and so is Glenn. Where the law is silent, human judgment must take a hand. There are many things the Founding Fathers were unable to foresee. Looking into the future, they couldn’t have predicted that Muslims would pose such a threat to freedom.

Perhaps they recognized Islam’s dogmatic nature. Transportation of the times, slow and expensive, though, limited any invasion by immigration. Recognizing it might be possible, on the other hand, they did provide Americans with the ability to restrict immigration, protecting those who already lived here from those with less invested in the nation.

They didn’t foresee opportunistic politicians gutting those legal barriers. They didn’t foresee a revolution in transportation, giving us the jet plane that could fly unimaginable numbers of people to any point in the world and unimaginable monsters into unimaginably tall buildings.

They didn’t foresee the Civil Rights Act of 1964, not only making discrimination of foreigners, and their intent in coming to America, illegal, but even penalizing criticism of certain protected groups. They didn’t foresee the concurrent gerrymandering of Congressional districts that would give those minority groups unlimited power to perpetually vote in their corrupt politicians.

They couldn’t begin to imagine Americans who hated freedom and who would use our own freedoms, our own Constitution against us, to destroy that freedom.

Glenn has urged his followers to create their own “freedom libraries,” with books on the founding of the country and the issues of freedom. I’m happy to say I created my own library years ago. One whole shelf is devoted to 9/11.

How would I answer Glenn Beck on the issue of a New York City Mosqueland, if I could? What can I at least say to my own readers about what’s wrong with the knuckle-headed idea this zoning board in Lower Manhattan has about reaching out to the Muslim community?

I sought the answer in my 9/11 library - the Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. Surely, if any book could tell you what the problem is, this one could. As I took the book down from the shelf, I noticed there was a bulge. I had placed some other book inside its front cover. A pamphlet on the Koran, I supposed, or something of that sort.

But no; it was a children’s book on the inventions of Benjamin Franklin. “What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?” In my hasty housekeeping, when I shelved the PI Guide to Islam, it must have devoured this children’s book.

Instantly, as I bemusedly perused it, I came to the section on Franklin’s experimentations with lightning. Franklin was a prolific inventor (the whole point of this children’s book). He sought out the answers to the mystery of lightning in order to discover some invention that would prevent colonists’ houses from being burnt to the ground (he founded the first fire company, among other things).

A Dutch scientist had discovered that electricity could be stored in glass bottles. The latest fad of the time was to watch electrical experiments. Franklin bought some electrical equipment in order to conduct his own experiments.

Two days before Christmas 1750, he decided to hold an “electrical picnic.” His plan was to kill a turkey with an electrical shock and roast it in its container, which was connected to electrical circuits (grizzly, to be sure, but in those days, there were no frozen dinners. It was strictly do-it-yourself).

However, as he was conducting the experiment, he was distracted by the conversation of his guests (much as we were distracted by the chatter of our Media before 9/11). Holding the two top wires of the unit in one hand while grounding himself by a chain attached to the jars containing the electrical charges with the other, he electrocuted himself.

When he came to, he noted in embarrassment to his alarmed guests, “I meant to kill a turkey and almost killed a goose instead.”

Critics of America enjoy noting that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center served as a “lightning rod” for Islamic extremists. We “asked for it,” they claim. Nervous Lower Manhattan planning board members quickly changed the name of the new World Trade Center building being built from Liberty Tower or Freedom Tower, to a simple street address.

The Twin Towers, lightning rods? Possibly. But those buildings should have been well-grounded in the American principles of freedom and free enterprise and better able to absorb the unpredictable lashings of a frenzied religion. If the Twin Towers were not morally grounded, as they obviously were destroyed, it may be because we had not grounded them in American principles as firmly as we ought to have.

We had just finished eight years of the Liberal Clinton administration. His experiments in political correctness left America dangerously exposed to the effects of Islamic lightning strikes. Other Islamic “lightning rod” experiments had been successful; we did not keep up with the current journals on their effors.

The Twin Towers are gone; some remaining buildings in the area still bear the scorched scars of those lightning strikes eight and a half years ago. There is still no memorial to its victims. The replacement buildings are mired in bureaucracy and empty-headed politics.

But this zoning board quickly approved the Mosqueland building, a veritable picnic ground for extremists to come and admire the handiwork and victory of Mohammed Atta and his crew. That is the way common sense Americans and the 9/11 families see it.

The Liberals and the Lamestream Media would have us believe in some sort of La-La Land of religious tolerance. They obstruct the building of a memorial while heralding this obscenity disguised as an Islamic Disneyland, open to the general public.

Come, swim in our pool, dine on fine cuisine, enjoy the view of the former World Trade Center, and at the same time, learn about the diversity and tolerance of Islam. Share in our cultural heritage. 9/11? Oh, let bygones be bygones.

Roasted turkey, anyone?


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