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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Driving While Under the Influence of Obama

Teenagers in New Jersey are up in arms over a new law that forces young drivers with provisional licenses to put a decal on their license plates alerting other drivers on the road that an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel (and to run for their lives).

Some students and their parents complain that, while this new law (named “Kyleigh’s Law” for 16 year-old Kyleigh D’Alessio who was killed four years ago in an accident in which another teen driver was behind the wheel) might save lives, it also amounts to age profiling, putting the “Scarlet A” on their license plates when they haven’t done anything wrong.

The law certainly subjects the student drivers to stricter rules like curfews and passenger limits. They even rallied in front of the offices of N.J. legislators who hosted the bill. No good Liberal deed shall go unpunished.

But the howler is the picture CBS News used in their article to illustrate the placing of the decal. It’s on their website; here’s the link:

You can’t see it entirely, but apparently there’s a pro-Obama bumper sticker on the car. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s an anti-Obama bumper sticker (one can only hope). But given that WCBS-TV New York is such a liberal station, it’s probably Pro-O.

A car with a Pro-O bumper sticker needs no provisional decal, indeed. That bumper sticker tells you exactly who’s behind the wheel of that car. It’s someone who’s young, has poor judgment, isn’t paying attention, is probably doing drugs, and has the rock music cranked up too high on the car stereo.

It’s the same as having one of those triangle signs saying, “Idiot on Board” or a bumper sticker that reads: “I Brake for Illegal Immigrants.” On the converse, we Conservatives could have a bumper sticker that reads: “I Brake for Legal Immigrants”. Just imagine the possibilities with that one.

They’re very likely to follow the same careening course as their fearless leader. If they’re a follower of his, it follows that they’re probably a dangerous driver who couldn’t care less about the rules of the road. He sure doesn’t. He’s the very role model of a dangerous driver.

That bumper sticker tells you exactly where that young driver’s head is at and to steer clear of them because sooner or later they’re going to veer off the road, possibly broad-siding you. They’ve carelessly broad-sided the country, sending us to the brink of political, financial, and moral bankruptcy.

Too bad there isn’t a provisional license for voting. A young voter’s voting rights would be limited until they could prove they were responsible enough for the privilege.

And if they voted for someone who doesn’t believe in the U.S. Constitution, wants to open America’s borders to illegal immigrant locusts, and believes in redistributing wealth, they could be charged with Voting Under the Influence of Obama.


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