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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

Today is Chic-Fil-A Appreciation Day. Before we get to the glorious celebration of Chick-Fil-A at Paramus Park Square Mall, in Paramus Park, N.J., this is also Rush Limbaugh Appreciation Day – his 24thanniversary of Conservative radio broadcasting. There are young adults (like The Nephew) who can’t remember a time when Rush wasn’t on the air. Isn’t that wonderful?

This is also Ted Cruz Appreciation Day. Last night, Ted won the Republican primary for the Texas Senate, beating out a mainstream Republican. If only we could be so lucky here in New Jersey.
Congratulations, Ted, and good luck in the general election. Awesome work, Texas Tea Partiers!

Finally, we must say a good word for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. We appreciate your speaking the truth. If the London Olympics were poorly attended, it’s hardly surprising after that Socialist Spectacular at the opening ceremonies. It also rains in London – a lot. That’s why the city is so famous for its raincoats and the rose-like complexions of its ladies. Bravo on your criticism of the Palestinians and your support of Israel. It’s about time an American stood up for our friends and criticized our enemies. Did someone actually call you a “wimp?”

Now on to lunch at Chick-Fil-As. Conservative Americans heeded the call to support Chick-Fil-As, apparently organized by Mike Huckabee on Fox News. The franchise, barely known here in New Jersey, has come under fire because its owner and president, Dan Cathy, spoke against gay marriage. He never said he would order gay couples out of his restaurants; he just said that the marriage between people of the same sex is religiously wrong.

I’ve worked with gay people. No problem with them. In fact, they were friends. One poor fellow was so innocuous it’s hard to imagine being a danger to anyone. How could I not like him? He’s a fellow bird lover! He’d come from New England but was transferred to our Philadelphia offices where there are apparently fewer tolerant people. He’d come to in-person meetings with black eyes. Sometimes he was beaten so badly he wound up in the hospital, and finally, he told me that one gang held him at gunpoint.

I asked him why he didn’t transfer back to our New England offices? He said management wouldn’t let him; they wanted him in Philly. So I got on the phone and had a chat with our supervisor. A month later, he was back in New England. He’s now healthy and thriving.

So don’t tell me, or any of the other people I found online at Chick-Fil-As that we’re prejudiced against them. This is about someone having the right to express his views about a social and political issue. Make no mistake: having come this far, the Socialists will eventually make it illegal for the clergy to refuse to perform a gay marriage ceremony, no matter how it violates their consciences, creeds, and beliefs.

And were there ever people online!

There are only three Chick-Fil-As in all of New Jersey: Woodbridge, Edison, and Paramus Park. Woodbridge and Edison are in Central New Jersey, at least an hour’s drive away. So for us northern New Jerseyans, Paramus Park was the nearest location.

Route 17 is the official location. This highway is jammed with stores of every sort from Fortunoff’s to the Music Barn, from Dunkin’ Donuts to Boston Market. All of them are visible – except Paramus Park Mall. This mall is hidden away behind a set of office complexes, which are themselves hidden by a forest of landscaped trees. Chick-Fil-A is inside this hidden mall. If you’re planning to go there for dinner tonight, better bring your GPS!

Since it’s a food-court style restaurant rather than a drive-through, you won’t see the cars or the people – at first. With people milling all about, I didn’t distinguish the line. I found the counter and was disappointed that there was no line. The young lady in front of me asked if all the people in line were there for the anti-boycott she’d heard about (Wait – what people, I wondered?)?

She asked him to explain why they were all there. So he did.

“Well, I’m in favor of it [gay marriage]!” the sour-looking young lady harrumphed.

“Yes, ma’am!” the young fellow behind the counter replied, giving her his best fast-food clerk smile.

He told someone else that the line had formed at 11 a.m. where it snaked into some nether regions of the mall and hadn’t let up since. It was still back there when I left. As I threaded my way through the line and the shopping crowd towards the book store nearby, I encountered more sour-looking, and nearly all young, college-age faces. As they went past the people on line, their noses turned up and their eyes flitted downward in displeasure. Lovely, lovely, lovely! That's when I wished I'd brought my camera.

It was only then that I turned around and saw the huge line I’d just cut in front of. I cringed and hoped they’d forgive me. I just didn’t see them. Truth be told, if I’d seen the line and being hypoglycemic, I would have had to go to some other franchise in the court to get some food, then stand in line and take the Chick-Fil-A food home for supper.

I met a number of people I knew on that line; some from work, some from the tea parties. There were newspaper photographers there. One of them said, “Hey, I know you! Where’s your camera?” I didn’t bring the camera because there’s a new bookshop in that mall (like Chick-Fil-A, new to our area) that I wanted to visit and I wouldn’t be able to lug the camera and the books, too.

Seeing all those Tea Partiers and Conservatives there restored my faith in the average citizen. Our local tea party president just couldn’t contain his glee at seeing them all there. There were some great tea shirts, too. My favorite (which you’ll probably see in The Bergen Record tomorrow) which has the word “Marriage” over a Photoshopped photo of the painting “American Gothic.”

Stanley Kurtz, in his book Radical-in-Chief, rightly warns us that the Socialists are extremely well-organized and play a very mean game political good cop/bad cop, They’re well-practiced at threatening individual politicians unless they pass legislation (usually involving money), and working their infiltrated minority and labor crowds up into a frenzy, if they don’t.

The reports are that crowds are overflowing Chick-Fil-As all over the country. They should report on the Paramus Park Mall crowd. There are people from all over northern New Jersey there, some of whom had to make quite a trek – upwards of an hour or better – to show their support of Mr. Cathy and Chick-Fil-A.

Garden Staters are not fond of traveling. If they went that far to patronize Chick-A-Fil, it says a good deal about Conservatism and religion in Northern New Jersey. And about Chick-Fil-A.

I ordered the standard chicken sandwich and it was wonderful. The fries, or what the English would call “chips”. The iced tea. All splendid! Five stars for Chick-Fil-A!!


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