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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Veiled Threats

A Christian pastor in Florida threatens to burn the Koran, initially in retaliation for Muslim extremists who’ve burned the bible. The Muslims extremists, in return, actually do burn the American flag, though the pastor has already wisely elected not to burn the Koran. Still, the extremists burn the American flag just so the pastor can’t secretly get the jump on them.

2,000 paid pro-mosque protestors show up at Ground Zero to defend Cordoba House. 1,500 unpaid, anti-mosque protestors show up to denounce it. All of them are carrying American flags. No one tries to burn the flag, though some fool lights up a Koran but is quickly extinguished.

The Florida preacher backs down (mercifully). The Cordoba House imam stands his ground. But then he blinks, claiming that all cards are on the table, that all options are open. That these proceedings have saddened him and that he had no idea Americans would respond in this way.  And instead of the imam being the enemy, it is now this insignificant, and misguided, preacher.

Only Muslim fanatics are supposed to take to the streets and their anger is perfectly justified, in the imam’s opinion. Those Americans out there on West Broadway on 9/11 were haters, Islamophobes. That Floridian preacher is now a pariah, while the good imam is just a moderate peace-seeker trying to find the middle ground, the bridge between the cultures.

However, there’s a huge hole in that bridge. A hole the terrorists tore in it on 9/11 when they demolished the Twin Towers and killed nearly 3,000 people. The day before which, no American cared that much whether American Muslims bowed to the East or wore abayas. Strangely, the imam expects us to repair that bridge.

But take heart, America; it’s not just us. Today, the French senate overwhelmingly voted to ban the burqa. Not because they’re Islamophobes, but because women who refused to wear them – Muslim women – could count on being beaten, possibly murdered.

Not long afterward, the Eiffel Tower had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat. At this writing, the Eiffel Tower is still closed. Imam Rauf, in a disingenuous apology, claimed that he didn’t know his Victory Mosque would arouse such emotions, but that now it’s too late. If he moves the Mosque now, Muslims all over the world will be very, very angry.

There are various columnists, such as Andrew McCarthy, who are practically screaming the truth: that the so-called “moderate” Muslims intend to force Sharia law upon the American judicial system, undermining our Constitutional rights. Liberals, who despise the Constitution, are only too happy to help them.

“Freedom of Religion!” cries the hypocritical sign of one, Liberal pro-mosque protestor. Problem is, the Muslims don’t believe in freedom of religion. All other religions are outlawed in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Eventually, other religions will be banned in other countries once there’s enough of a plurality. They don’t know the meaning of the word “tolerance,” and to them, “peace” is equivalent to “submission.”

Where their foot is stuck in the door, as in America, they have no choice but to pretend to humility and cooperation. In countries, such as France and Great Britain, where the leaders were beguiled by politically correct dialog into submission, opening their doors to waves of Islamic immigrants, they’re free to commit violence in order to subjugate and subdue the native populations.

America, though weakened in the last forty years, still has enough of the right stuff to resist this subversive insurrection. Our spirit has not been totally doused by liberal pablum. Our authorities fear violence and retribution – for standing up for our rights as Americans.

There’s no doubt they are a ruthless, relentless enemy. But they seem to know only one way – or perhaps it’s two – violence and corruption, to which our politicians are extremely susceptible. But there’s no need (yet) for violence so long as the law is on our side, which it is. They cannot force us to submit to Islam.

To do that, they would first need to destroy the U.S. Constitution – and they’re receiving plenty of help on that score. We have an amenable President, and a cooperative Supreme Court. However, the final battle will be in our Congress. That’s why these mid-term elections are so crucial.

The U.S. President could surrender the United States of America to a global entity, and a packed Supreme Court would back him up. But he still could not do so without the consent of Congress. A patriotic, conservative Congress would almost certainly impeach him for treason if he tried. His bowing to foreign potentates certainly doesn’t bode well for America’s future.

A concordant Congress, standing behind him, would spell the doom of our nation. Violence might very well be necessary, at the very last. But we yet have some powerful weapons at our disposal – our ability to vote, our love of liberty, and our faith in a just God.


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